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Updates, fixes, etc

I have overhauled the site. Everything you’re looking at should look pretty much the same as the front page. The archive has been tidied up and thousands of spam comments and spam profiles have been removed.

The forum is working again — I didn’t even know that it wasn’t working.  Again, thousands of spammers have been removed, and it looks (roughly) like this page, although I’m still not happy with it.  Also, I got completely side-tracked re-reading the wank that kicked off in 2007.  I’ve left it up, although a sensible grown-up should lock and hide it.  I can’t believe it escalated so massively.

The RPG link is still broken, and eventually I’ll delete that and sort it out, but at the moment, I’ve run out of time.  That area is kind of like District 13 at the moment.  Bits of it are still on fire after the spam invasion.

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Updates, blogs, fanfic, etc

Hi, just to let you know, I’m thoroughly updating the site, because we got hacked (actually hacked, not the Facebook version where you forget to log out and your kid brother writes a little post telling all your dirty secrets).  Because of this, I’m updating everything, so there may be some broken links or errors thrown up on pretty much everything (fanfic, gallery, forums, etc).  I’m working on it.  I plan to have the site fully functional by Sunday.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Site Update/Overhaul

Well, I have been getting a lot of spam of late and my poor little captcha just isn’t good enough to handle it, so I thought it was about time I updated to WordPress, which I kind of love (and kind of don’t at times).

So, what’s new?  Not much, loads of work behind the scenes, and nobody will notice anything different except the layout has changed moderately.  One thing I’ve gotten rid of is the mailing list FAQ, does anyone even use them any more?

Another thing is, I haven’t watched the third LB movie, and I’m still not sure I can, since LB2 was such a crushing disappointment.  I was wondering, does anyone want to take up this task or provide screen caps, or… well, anything, really?

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An Update

I have just updated the site and the archive with the new look. The skin in the archive is called “Blues”, so if you want the archive to look the same as the rest of the site go to “Edit Personal Information” and choose the “Blues” option under “skin”.

The forum is down for maintenance, and will be up shortly. If you are already a member, then you will receive an email when the forum is back up, if you are not a member, you’ll just have to try your luck!

Hope you like the new look. Tell me what you think.


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New Look

Well, as you can see I have given the site a makeover. Naturally, this hasn’t crossed over to the archive or the forum yet. I’m working on those. So, tell me what you think, better, worse, meh? Tell me.

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Update – Layout and Tagboard

I’ve not really made any huge changes. I’ve updated the layout, which was making my eyes bleed. I’ve removed the tagboard because it was sending my bandwidth through the roof. Why people can’t just chat on msn, I’ll never know. I’ve updated the layout at the automated archive, I’ve sorted out some broken links, finally remembered my password for the guestbook and cleaned that up… it’s all about the little things. This has taken me five solid days and nobody is going to notice anything other than the banner! *sigh* Oh, I’ve also added song lyrics for all the songs on the soundtrack.

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Update – Navigation and FAQ

I have gone through and cleaned up the menu system. I have updated the FAQ (which I had no bothered to do since taking over TLC). I have made the picture galleries much easier to navigate, generally, the site is much cleaner and sleeker. Not to mention the update of the eFiction script on the automated archive, which gives many new features and, once you get the hang of it, is a much better way for you to manage your fics. You can now group your series stories together and allow them to display in the order you want them to be read, for one thing. Go, play!

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Update – Fanfic & Layout

New and sexy layout (have yet to finish updating the fic pages). New fic by Star Girl.

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*dances* Only 28 days until my birthday! *dances some more*

Ok, and back to the updates. Revamped first page (I hate it, but am too tired to fix it), and another fic by Star Girl. Lost in the Night. That’s all folks!

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Update – Not Much

New host, new banner. If it sucks, let me know. Um, nothing else is new, I don’t have the inspiration.

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