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Fan Opinions and Theories

Hey all, long time, no see (read?)

Sarah had the brilliant idea of adding a section to the Cave where I could post my (ever growing) series of theories/opinions about the film(s) and characters. So, in the near future (as I organize my posts to transfer them over) you will see them popping up. Please feel free to comment and/or argue with me. I welcome all discussion, as long as it’s civil!

I think the future plan is to work on adding other fans’ theories and opinions, but give me a bit to get mine up and get the process started. Stay turned!

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Updates, fixes, etc

I have overhauled the site. Everything you’re looking at should look pretty much the same as the front page. The archive has been tidied up and thousands of spam comments and spam profiles have been removed.

The forum is working again — I didn’t even know that it wasn’t working.  Again, thousands of spammers have been removed, and it looks (roughly) like this page, although I’m still not happy with it.  Also, I got completely side-tracked re-reading the wank that kicked off in 2007.  I’ve left it up, although a sensible grown-up should lock and hide it.  I can’t believe it escalated so massively.

The RPG link is still broken, and eventually I’ll delete that and sort it out, but at the moment, I’ve run out of time.  That area is kind of like District 13 at the moment.  Bits of it are still on fire after the spam invasion.

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Updates, blogs, fanfic, etc

Hi, just to let you know, I’m thoroughly updating the site, because we got hacked (actually hacked, not the Facebook version where you forget to log out and your kid brother writes a little post telling all your dirty secrets).  Because of this, I’m updating everything, so there may be some broken links or errors thrown up on pretty much everything (fanfic, gallery, forums, etc).  I’m working on it.  I plan to have the site fully functional by Sunday.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Welcome to The Lost Cave, formerly “Lost In The Shadows”, a site for all things about The Lost Boys. If you loved David, Marko, Paul, Dwayne, Michael, Star, Laddie, Sam and The Frog Brothers you are in the right place!  If you want to discuss them, try the forum.  If you want to read about them, try the archive, and if you want to look at them, try the gallery.

I am honoured to say that Sammy, owner of The Lost Cave, has turned the site over to me for ongoing updates and such-like. I hope that I can keep up the maintenance of such a site to the standard that all visitors have come to expect.

You are now standing in the old sunken lobby of the Lost Cave. Yes, this is the original Lost Cave. Others will imitate it and steal its title, but there’s only one real Lost Cave, and you’re in it now! (*see note below) This site is dedicated to one of the greatest movies of the 80’s, The Lost Boys. This is the realm of all Lost Boys and Lost Girls–members of our mailing lists. Be one of us, join our mailing lists! Check out the other rooms of our cave, where you’ll find pics and quotes from the movie; Lost Boys Fan Fiction; sequel news; information about the movie, the soundtrack, the novelization; and tons of other things.

Of course, if you’ve stumbled onto this site accidentally and you’ve never even heard of The Lost Boys, here is the story:

Michael and Sam Emerson move to Santa Carla after their parents’ divorce. Michael meets a girl called Star, and Sam spends his time with the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan.

They soon realise that the local gang of bikers are more dead than alive, but this is not before Michael’s been initiated into the gang and has fallen in love with Star.

Sam teams up with the Frog brothers to rid Santa Carla of its vampires, and save his brother from becoming one of them.

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Site Update/Overhaul

Well, I have been getting a lot of spam of late and my poor little captcha just isn’t good enough to handle it, so I thought it was about time I updated to WordPress, which I kind of love (and kind of don’t at times).

So, what’s new?  Not much, loads of work behind the scenes, and nobody will notice anything different except the layout has changed moderately.  One thing I’ve gotten rid of is the mailing list FAQ, does anyone even use them any more?

Another thing is, I haven’t watched the third LB movie, and I’m still not sure I can, since LB2 was such a crushing disappointment.  I was wondering, does anyone want to take up this task or provide screen caps, or… well, anything, really?

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I stand corrected

I have received the following email regarding my original tagline of this site, which was: “The Lost Cave – the oldest Lost Boys Fansite on the web (10 years old this year!)”

The email reads:


I’m sure it won’t take you long to figure out who this is. I’m just writing to bring to your attention that your tagline, The Lost Cave, the oldest Lost Boys fansite on the web (10 years old this year), is not true. Abbie Tomba gets that privilege. Visit her site to verify that information. Created July 23rd, 1996. I ask that you amend your tagline to reflect this fact.


I have now amended the tagline to read: “The Lost Cave – the oldest active Lost Boys Fansite on the web (10 years old this year!)”, as the site in question has not been updated for ten years.

Edit: The link now leads to an empty page.

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The Lost Cave is 10 Years Old!

Well, The Lost Cave is ten years old in a couple of days. I’ve given it a quick makeover, updated a few links, and done some general tidying up around here.

I shall be updating the forum and archive with the new layout shortly. I hope to skin the main site soon, so that you can have whatever skin you like on all parts of the site, not just the archive and forum.

I hope to run into Carla shortly, and continue our discussion of things we hope to do to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Cave. If you have any ideas, anything that you’d like to see happen, then leave a comment.

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The fanfic archive is down for maintenance. Please be patient while I update it. It is better that I take it down, rather than lose stories in the update process.

I know you guys can keep yourselves occupied for a couple of hours while I work on it.

Edit: Archive is up again, but we have not successfully updated. We are keeping version 3.3, since updating to 3.5 is impossible, since the install script keeps missing out tables.

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Forum Update

Yes, the forum is down. Apologies. The software was a couple of versions behind

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Sequel News

Woo-hoo! We have more concrete news on the sequel. Love or loathe the idea, nobody on this site can seem to stop talking about it, so now we finally have some facts to discuss. Go have a look at the forum, particularly this post for what I’ve been told so far.


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