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I stand corrected

I have received the following email regarding my original tagline of this site, which was: “The Lost Cave – the oldest Lost Boys Fansite on the web (10 years old this year!)”

The email reads:


I’m sure it won’t take you long to figure out who this is. I’m just writing to bring to your attention that your tagline, The Lost Cave, the oldest Lost Boys fansite on the web (10 years old this year), is not true. Abbie Tomba gets that privilege. Visit her site to verify that information. Created July 23rd, 1996. I ask that you amend your tagline to reflect this fact.


I have now amended the tagline to read: “The Lost Cave – the oldest active Lost Boys Fansite on the web (10 years old this year!)”, as the site in question has not been updated for ten years.

Edit: The link now leads to an empty page.

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The Lost Cave is 10 Years Old!

Well, The Lost Cave is ten years old in a couple of days. I’ve given it a quick makeover, updated a few links, and done some general tidying up around here.

I shall be updating the forum and archive with the new layout shortly. I hope to skin the main site soon, so that you can have whatever skin you like on all parts of the site, not just the archive and forum.

I hope to run into Carla shortly, and continue our discussion of things we hope to do to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Cave. If you have any ideas, anything that you’d like to see happen, then leave a comment.

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Update – Site Merge

Well, after an inactive period of well over a year, the site is back. Samantha Frog has given over the reins of management of The Lost Cave to me. So, after a month of slaving away, the final merged product is here. Everything is up and running. New picture galleries, updated picture galleries, the adoptions are back up, there is new fic – though far too much to list here. New banners, new layout, everything is new.

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Site Launched – Lost In The Shadows

Lost In The Shadows – at that time, a separate entity to The Lost Cave – was launched.

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Site Launched – The Lost Cave

The Lost Cave was officially launched.

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