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Welcome to The Lost Cave, formerly “Lost In The Shadows”, a site for all things about The Lost Boys. If you loved David, Marko, Paul, Dwayne, Michael, Star, Laddie, Sam and The Frog Brothers you are in the right place!

I am honoured to say that Sammy, owner of The Lost Cave, has turned the site over to me for ongoing updates and such-like. I hope that I can keep up the maintenance of such a site to the standard that all visitors have come to expect.

You are now standing in the old sunken lobby of the Lost Cave. Yes, this is the original Lost Cave. Others will imitate it and steal its title, but there’s only one real Lost Cave, and you’re in it now! (*see note below) This site is dedicated to one of the greatest movies of the 80’s, The Lost Boys. This is the realm of all Lost Boys and Lost Girls–members of our mailing lists. Be one of us, join our mailing lists! Check out the other rooms of our cave, where you’ll find pics and quotes from the movie; Lost Boys Fan Fiction; sequel news; information about the movie, the soundtrack, the novelization; and tons of other things.

Of course, if you’ve stumbled onto this site accidentally and you’ve never even heard of The Lost Boys, here is the story:

Michael and Sam Emerson move to Santa Carla after their parents’ divorce. Michael meets a girl called Star, and Sam spends his time with the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan.

They soon realise that the local gang of bikers are more dead than alive, but this is not before Michael’s been initiated into the gang and has fallen in love with Star.

Sam teams up with the Frog brothers to rid Santa Carla of its vampires, and save his brother from becoming one of them.

For a further review/summary, go to the Information Page or discuss the movie with other fans in the fan forums.

If you have heard about the sequel – or even if you haven’t, then see this blog entry, and decide for yourself whether you want your opinion heard about it.


These pages are for entertainment only. I am not making money in any way. I am not in contact with any of the stars of the movie, nor is this site endorsed by anyone involved with “The Lost Boys.” I do not claim ownership to any “Lost Boys” property, however I [Sammy] did make up the title “The Lost Cave” which is used fictitiously, I [both Sammy and Sarah] created some of the graphics found on this site, and anything written by me on this site is owned by me [which is true, as far as the webmistresses are aware, for all authors/graphic artists displaying their work on this site]. If I [Sammy or Sarah] find that anyone has pirated my site, I will get very upset. If anything on these pages belongs to you or if you know of a reason why I shouldn’t post something on these pages, let me [Sarah] know and I will remove it.

Original disclaimer by Sammy, tweaked to represent new management by Sarah.

Additionally, should this site be found by someone in power at the WB and panic and lawsuits ensue, please, before all of that kicks off, remember that I have put a lot of time, effort and money into this site. I am not making money, quite the opposite – since I have moved this site twice to make sure I have enough space and bandwidth to keep up with the demand.

I clearly state that I will not help anyone track down pirate copies of the movie or the soundtrack, I state that I frown upon that. All I do is provide a place for Lost Boys fans to come together and share the love of the movie. What I am doing, I hope, is keeping the love of the movie alive, and hopefully, it encourages people to purchase their own copies of the movie, which should generate money for the WB. Please, please, keep that in mind before any action is taken.

* For the moron(s) who visit(s) my site and can’t understand plain English and therefore decide(s) to leave cute little remarks in my guestbook (which I will keep deleting), I am referring to Lost Boys websites that also use the title, “The Lost Cave,” or the little parasites who steal pictures and content (sometimes word for word) from my site to put on their sites, without so much as a link back to my site. I don’t care in what other context the title is used, but there’s little point in having more than one website with the same exact title that’s based on a fairly targeted interest. I put up my site in 1999, and yes, I did search extensively to see if there was already a Lost Boys site with the title “The Lost Cave” first. Since I’m not completely lame, I decided to use the title because no one else was using it first. I guess I’m expecting too much of the human race that others would do the same. It must be difficult for small minds to come up with their own material. Why have a website if it’s just a repeat of all the other sites of the same interest?

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