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Well, it happened, didn’t it? A boring, mediocre exercise in tedium, the high point of which is some vampire (neither know or care which one) whistling “In The Hall of the Mountain King”. It featured a girl who had no idea she was supposed to be Star’s daughter, and did not realise this until a fan interviewed her. What can be said? Well, if you must talk about it, do so on the forum. I’m not wasting space on this page about it. The rumours below were more interesting than the actuality of it.

I’m led to believe that Part 3 is better than Part 2 (but, you know, Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, is better than that, so it’s not really an impressive feat).  If you want to review either of the sequels to save me the bother of slogging through them, contact me.

[Web-mistress’s note – 26 April 2005: Link to the scripts removed as it now leads to heavy porn! My apologies, however, I just wanted to prevent the emails asking where this script can be found – I currently do not know.]

[Web-mistress’s note – 26 January 2007: The best place to check for information about the sequel is the forums, where there are plenty of people who seek out new information, and so forth.]


[This is all Sammy’s work from the original Lost Cave, which I think is worth keeping for posterity.]

Yes, there is renewed talk about a sequel to “The Lost Boys.” Actually, it’s more of a remake… sorta. I will post the news here as I get it, so please don’t email me to ask for more news. I only know as much as what’s on this page.

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August, 2001– Okay, I’ve been really lazy lately and haven’t updated this page like I should. You’ve probably already heard that they’ve basically canned the “Lost Girls” idea, I’m pretty sure. ~collective sigh of relief~ Before this, there were rumors of bringing poor Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman into it. Incidentally, Corey Haim has said that “Lost Boys” should never have a sequel. To be perfectly honest, I’m with him. Anyway, now they’re thinking of doing a prequel, where the origins of the four Lost Boys will be explored. Huh. They’ll probably have the audacity to leave Max out of it entirely. Sounds like they’re trying to Anne Rice the Lost Boys if you ask me, but anything is better than Lost Girls. Lost Girls–if I want to see yet more half dressed females (which, frankly, I don’t), I can watch commercials. Geez.

January, 2001– It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to report on the status of “The Lost Girls.” And you’ll forgive me if I editorialize here a bit. But I promise I’ll try to keep my personal opinions out of this report as much as I possibly can.

Joel Schumacher has finally interested Warner Bros. Studios in this project; though he claims there has always been interest in a sequel to 1987’s “The Lost Boys.” The director, the studio and Village Roadshow are developing a female version of the film, though Schumacher is slated as the producer. He had this to say to Empire magazine:

“What I suggested to them was that they do Lost Girls, because I thought girl vampires on motorcycles would be sexy and funny and something that I’d like to see. They are working on that and they made me executive producer because I made the first one, but I won’t be directing.”

Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Kate Hudson are possible candidates to play the Lost Girls. There were also rumors that Britney Spears would play a Lost Girl. A lot of female flesh will be bared, no doubt. Yuck.

As of this report, they’re actually going to begin shooting this farce in April, around the same areas that they filmed “The Lost Boys,” and Kiefer Sutherland may play a different role in this movie. Natch.

I have also heard that they imagine it will be released in 2002.

Anybody else besides me hope they won’t go through with this?

January 21, 2000– Director Joel Schumacher is now developing a sequel to “The Lost Boys.” “The Lost Girls,” still within its early stages of development, will be similar to the original; only as the title suggests, the undead this time will be teenager girls. No writers or directors have been approached yet.

Robert Masciantonio submitted a Lost Boys 2 script late last year, but the Lost Girls concept is different.

November 1999– Robert Masciantonio sent his script for “Lost Boys II” to Joel Schumacher along with a copy of Cold Hearts. “I wrote Lost Boys 2 as a hybrid sequel to both the original and Cold Hearts,” said Masciantonio. “I’ve tried to come up with the same blend of scary stuff and jokes.”

Included in his script are Corey Haim and Corey Feldman’s characters, Grandpa, Max and David, “because antelope horns aren’t going to kill a vampire.” Characters from Cold Hearts appear in the script as well.

June, 1999: “Cold Hearts” is going to be released on video in October 1999. Then Robert Masciantonio is going to get a script for “The Lost Boys 2” out to Joel Schumacher, who is supposedly waiting eagerly. Then they’ll try to get it out to “the right people.”

March, 1999: We have a hero! Director/screenwriter Robert Masciantonio may have breathed new interest from Warner Bros. into the “Lost Boys 2.” Robert Masciantonio is the creator of the vampire films “Cold Hearts.” He wants to include “The Lost Boys 2” as part of his “Cold Hearts” package; probably with a new and better script. Rather than murder the premise of the story by retelling it, I’ll give you a direct quote from the “Cold Hearts” website so that you can get a feel for what it’s about:

“This is a tale of a poetic nightmare. A quiet town in New Jersey possesses a secret. Viktoria (Marisa Ryan) is a pretty girl in her early 20’s who was always into vampire lore. After the death of her mother eight years ago she succumbed to the bite of one of these creatures of the night. Now undead, Viktoria is more pessimistic than ever, desperate and hopeless after almost a decade of stealing blood from hospitals and the occasional kill. Afraid that she is now incapable of love, permanently suffering from a “cold heart”, Viktoria finds her life renewed with the affection and desire of Seth (Robert Floyd).


Seth sees that Viktoria is stalked by her ex-lover, Charles (Christopher Wiehl), and bites off more than he can chew when he attempts to protect her from Charles’ evil ways. Charles, ominous and content with his lack of moral fiber, sees to it that he terrorizes everyone in his path including Viktoria’s best friend, Alicia (Amy Jo Johnson). Unfortunately, Alicia is so sickened by her vampirism that she would rather starve than kill. Charles preys on Alicia’s weakness, driving her into darkness. After one tragedy too many, Viktoria contemplates a life of seclusion. However, Charles has decided that Viktoria’s new “friend”, Seth, needs to be eliminated. Maybe Uncle Joe can help her through it.”


May 1997: There was no studio interest in filming “The Lost Boys 2” whatsoever. According to this source, nobody on the planet would be interested in a sequel to “The Lost Boys.” Ah, but this person has never met we dwellers of The Lost Cave, has he or she? heh-heh-heh!

January 1997: Apparently, the script for “The Lost Boys 2” that you’re able to access via my Links page has been around for quite some time, possibly 1994 (sources say it was written by Jeffrey Boam, one of the writers of the original “The Lost Boys”). Sam, Grandpa and the Frog brothers are the main characters; Michael and Lucy do not appear in the script. The script also features new vampire characters, including female vampires. The crew intended to shoot around Santa Cruz, the same location as the original “The Lost Boys.”

Note: Once again, this is all I know for now, so please don’t email me asking what’s going on with The Lost Boys remake, “The Lost Girls.” As soon as I hear anything new, I’ll be putting it up on this page, so check the page every once in a while.

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