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The Lost (Short Film)

I’ve just received an email from Johnny Bilson, who has shot a short film in the Lost Boys cannon.  He says in his email:

We’ve just shot a short film that adds to The Lost Boys mythos. Our film will be released by the end of this year (we’re trying for September).

And from the Facebook page itself:

Johnny Bilson wrote and directed this short film based on ‘The Lost Boys.’ This film introduces a new gang of Vampires prowling the streets of Santa Carla in 1987. Johnny has big plans for more films and clearly he never left the 80s. “This film is a short. Basically it’s like an extended trailer for the next film, which is being written as a feature-length film set in the same universe.” ‘The Lost’ is now in post-production, and is set to be released by the end of the year.

For more details, like their page on Facebook.

The Lost (Short Film)

The Lost (Short Film)

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Fan Opinions and Theories

Hey all, long time, no see (read?)

Sarah had the brilliant idea of adding a section to the Cave where I could post my (ever growing) series of theories/opinions about the film(s) and characters. So, in the near future (as I organize my posts to transfer them over) you will see them popping up. Please feel free to comment and/or argue with me. I welcome all discussion, as long as it’s civil!

I think the future plan is to work on adding other fans’ theories and opinions, but give me a bit to get mine up and get the process started. Stay turned!

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