character: Alan Frog

A Lullaby For The Lost

For the second time in twenty years, the Boys are responsible for the disappearance of a young child. Or… are they?

As luck would have it, the missing child isn’t just any little girl, and the fur flies when the Missing posters appear. Part 2 of the Sweet Justice Series.

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A Little Uncalculated Weirdness

An exciting Lost Boys/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover. A portal opens in a graveyard, linking Sunnydale 1998 with Santa Carla 1987, and Buffy and Giles wind up helping a certain gang of teenage vampire slayers fight the undead.

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A Moonlight Tale

Alternate Universe Fic: When Star and Michael Emerson die in a car crash, their daughter Luna is understandably distraught. While sorting their belongings for Goodwill, she stumbles over some very old journals belonging to her mother. These journals call everything Luna has taken for granted into question. A trip to Santa Carla – one meant to shed some light on the subject – causes yet more confusion. Who are the gang mentioned in Star’s journal? And why does Luna’s new love-interest, who appears only a few years older than herself, remember Star and Michael?

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