The Lost Boys Novelisation by Craig Shaw Gardner

The Lost Boys Novelisation
The Lost Boys Novelisation

The Lost Boys novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner is out of print, but if you’re lucky enough to find a copy, snag it and guard it with your life! This book is exactly like the movie, only it has much more detail. Have you ever wondered how Michael could afford that leather jacket after he reminded Sam they were flat broke? The book explains this and other inconsistencies in the movie.

Here’s what it says on the back cover:

By day, it was a sunny beach community. By night, it was the domain of evil. And the Lost Boys ruled…

They were the coolest biker gang on the boardwalk. They slept all day, partied all night. And Michael Emerson, the new boy in town, was eager to join up.

That’s when things started getting weird – and Michael’s little brother Sam, a comic book junkie, learned the horrifying truth about the Lost Boys:

They were evil incarnate.

They thirsted for blood.

And Michael was about to be initiated…

The ISBN number is 0-553-17583-1 Maybe that will be helpful if you’re looking for this book. Also, keep your eye on online auctions such as eBay. The novel pops up frequently.

Edit 2016: I finally got hold of the book a few months ago and read it. And… well… it’s nothing special.  Usually novelisations have deleted scenes or backstory that’s not available on the movie in its finalised format, and in my feeling is that this book didn’t do that.  However, it’s still a must for any completist fan.  Mine was around £16, so it’s not bank-breakingly hard to get hold of.

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