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Which will look like this: The Lost Cave [formerly Lost In The Shadows]


Links to other LB sites

Unfortunately, the links section has skimmed down a whole lot. Pretty much every site was on geocities, and have now been reclaimed. *tear*

As of October 2012, these still stand:

Alex Winter Fan Site This site is fantastic. I’ve been meaning to link to it for ages, in fact, I thought I did so. Nicolette (owner of the Alex Winter mailing list) is a very dedicated fan who has worked hard to publish the most comprehensive Alex Winter site on the net. This is truly a work of art, it answers any questions you may have about his work and some very yummy pictures. Miss out on this and you’re missing a treat.

Danny’s Fanfic has his Lost Boys fan fiction series based on Sam, Edgar, Alan, and some interesting original characters.

Keanu Web Not exactly a relevant link, but plenty of pics from Bill and Ted, staring the gorgeous Alex Winter. It’s definitely worth a look.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk This isn’t actually a Lost Boys Link, but is a commercial website for the Boardwalk where the film was shot.

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