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[This is all Sammy’s work from the original Lost Cave]

Welcome to The Lost Boys Trivia page. Here you will find information and maybe even a few little facts that you didn’t know about the movie, the actors, etc. I’ve compiled this information from various websites, magazine articles, and other sources. If you have any trivia to contribute, please email me.

  • Grandpa’s “house” was actually the Pogonip Country Club in Santa Cruz
  • Several of the extras were well-known figures in Santa Cruz, such as the girl and her rat, the tattoo man, and various hippies and punks
  • Corey Feldman won the Youth in Film Award for his portrayal of Edgar Frog
  • Between takes, Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander would perform dazzling tricks on their bikes, sometimes almost knocking into interested bystanders
  • Brooke McCarter was once Corey Haim’s manager–the two even shared an apartment
  • When the guys weren’t shooting, they were sneaking into the hotel pool, even though it was closed for the night
  • Corey Haim, Brooke McCarter and Billy Wirth played music and sang together in their rooms. Brooke provided the keyboards and equipment
  • Corey Haim developed pneumonia half-way through the filming of the movie
  • Kiefer Sutherland broke one of his wrists during the filming of the movie. He broke it while performing motorcycle tricks. If you see him wearing a wristband, it’s to cover up the cast
  • Richard Donner, who produced “The Goonies,” suggested Corey Feldman to Joel Schumacher for the part of Edgar Frog. Joel asked Corey not to cut his hair for a few months, and then he got the part
  • Joel Schumacher originally hadn’t considered Corey Haim for the part of Sam Emerson, due to his appearance in “Lucas.” But when Joel saw Corey outside of the “Lucas” look, he knew right away that Corey was right for the part of Sam
  • To get a better feel for their vampire roles, Kiefer Sutherland, Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth and Alex Winter became nocturnal during the filming of the movie. It’s been said that they even hung heavy drapery over their hotel windows
  • Max’s extended death was cut from the movie to “save time.” In this scene, Max was supposed to transform from his current age to 300 years. Then he started smoking internally and oozed blood before exploding in the fireplace
  • Greg Cannom was brought in to do the effects and makeup halfway through shooting the movie. He and his team had only a few weeks to pull it all together, and had no time to redo or refine the vampire makeup and effects, but Cannom was largely happy with the results
  • Jami Gertz had to run through real caves without shoes, and could barely hold on with Kiefer Sutherland driving the motorcycle
  • Joel Schumacher wasn’t the first choice for director. Richard Franklin (Psycho II) started out with the project, but was replaced by Richard Donner. When Donner discovered Shane Black’s Lethal Weapon script, he replaced himself with Joel Schumacher, but stayed on board as producer
  • Janice Fischer and James Jeremias wrote the original story, and Jeffrey Boam rewrote the script
  • The vehicle that Grandpa drives into the house at the end of the movie is an original 1947 weapons carrier. Every time Barnard Hughes would step on the gas, it would conk out – it took them half a day to shoot the scene where he jumps out of the weapons carrier and walks to the house
  • There are at least three music videos from the soundtrack: “Good Times” by INXS, “Lost in the Shadows” by Lou Gramm, and “People are Strange” by Echo and the Bunnymen


Despite the fact that Lost Boys is my favourite movie, I do have a few nitpicks.

  • Laddie goes missing. When Michael rides with them for the first time there’s a shot of them riding along the beach, and then a shot on all of them individually. Well, when the do the shot of Dwayne, Laddie is missing. What has happened to him. But panic not, next group shot he’s back. Where did he go for a few moments?
  • Star’s top changes while Michael is drinking the blood. Before he drinks it’s got strings down the middle in a criss-cross pattern, clearly shown when they’re walking on The Boardwalk. after he’s drunk the blood, it’s the same one she’s wearing on the first night they meet.
  • And another thing, (and this has bugged me for years) you know when Sam says “Lose the earring, Mike. It’s definitely not you.” Sam has an earring. Does anyone else feel this is a tad hypocritical from someone who also has their ear pierced? (And who is Sam to give fashion tips?)
  • I’ve found another one. In the scene at the beginning where the Lost Boys are chasing the security guard (Vernon Beasley), it switches from an overhead shot (Lost Boys point of view) to a close up of the guard’s face. In the close ups, he’s holding his hat as he runs for dear life. In the ariel shots he’s not. And they switch too quickly for him to have moved his hand.
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