A New Beginning

Part 4


Part 4

Caleb stirred silently from her sleep. She could hear Amy’s soft weeping from beside her. When Caleb opened her eyes, they came into focus. She saw Amy sitting with her back to Caleb, shoulder’s shaking from the sobs that escaped her lips.

“Amy, what is the matter,” Caleb asked, sitting up slightly.

“Huh? Caleb, you’re awake? How long have you been listening to me,” Amy asked, whirling to face the conscious female in surprise.

“Oh, not very long. I was awake enough to hear you crying. Why are you crying,” Caleb asked, placing her left hand on Amy’s shoulder.

“Did you know… that David is a vampire,” Amy sobbed, surprised at her own sadness. “Marko and the others are vampires, too.”

“I know,” Caleb replied, looking down at her legs.

“You knew? How could you know and still not run away,” Amy demanded, her voice going up a few octaves.

“I don’t care what Marko may be! I love him and that’s all that matters! I’m going to get him out of this Katherine business,” Caleb exclaimed, leaping out of bed. She padded over to the pile of clothes on the floor. “I love Marko, and I’m going to go get him out of this mess… with or without any of help from you or the Boys! Understand?”

“::Sigh:: Lets go get him out of this mess,” Amy whispered, turning her chocolate brown eyes to the smiling Caleb.

Katherine stared down at Marko on the floor. The unconscious vampire’s breathing was labored. Strips of his skin had been torn away, revealing the firm muscle underneath. His bonds were shorn from his wrists and he lay with his arms above his head. Marko’s curly blonde hair was caked with blood, oozing from his wounds.

Katherine stared down at her hands. Marko’s blood now stained them, all because of her jealousy over Caleb. It was Katherine’s fault things had come to this, but she would never admit that to anyone… least of all herself. A single tear slipped down her cheek, dripping on the floor below her.

She stood, still staring down at Marko’s unmoving body. With a sigh, Katherine turned away. Her emotions were so confused and tied up that Katherine didn’t know what she felt anymore. Sometimes, she didn’t feel anything at all. This was one of those times. Her heart was numb to any emotion. At least, any good emotion. With one last look upon Marko, Katherine disappeared… melting into the shadows.

Caleb peered out from around the corner into the main room of the cave. Her eyes scanned for signs of the boys. She found none. Amy peered over her head, resting her hands on Caleb’s shoulders below her. There was no sign of either of the boys. It seemed the boys were gone, and they proceeded.

Caleb grabbed Amy’s hand and bolted for the entrance. Paul chose this moment to come out of the room he was in. He spied the shadows of Caleb and Amy escaping into the night. His brow furrowed in confusion and curiosity. Paul decided to follow them, slinking along the wall behind.

He watched as Caleb and Amy slipped silently down the beach, heading toward the lights of the Boardwalk in the distance. He knew then they were going to find Marko. Paul pursued the girls silently, hoping they could lead him to Marko’s position.

The cold wind cut through Caleb as she made her way down the beach. She managed to tie her hair up with the one remaining chopstick in the cave. Her outfit wasn’t really meant for what they were doing, but it was all she could find. The halter-top, short-shorts, and leather jacket didn’t really add up, but looked great on her. Amy changed out of her usual deerskin tunic and into some of Caleb’s clothes. She looked awesome with a camouflage bandanna tied around her hair, which was in two braids that hung at her shoulders. The camouflage halter-top, camouflage short-shorts, and steel toed combat boots really made her look tough.

As they neared the beach, Paul crept closer behind them. Caleb felt as if someone was watching her and turned around. She recognized Paul following close behind. She turned back around and sped up, pulling Amy behind her. Amy allowed herself to be pulled. The girls hurriedly scrambled up the entrance steps to the Boardwalk. Caleb ducked into a nearby alley, pushing Amy up against the wall.

“Caleb… what the—,” Amy started. Caleb put her hand over Amy’s mouth, smothering the words.

“Shh, be quiet. We’re being followed,” Caleb whispered. She turned and looked out at the Boardwalk.

Amy followed her gaze and, to her surprise, saw Paul walk by them. He looked around as if looking for someone. Amy nodded and pulled out of Caleb’s grasp.

“How did you know he was following us,” Amy whispered, training her chocolate brown eyes on Caleb.

“I felt someone following us and turned around. I saw him behind us and decided to lose him in all the people. It looked like it—,” Caleb started, she didn’t get to finish her sentence. Paul stepped out of the shadows just then.

“Trying to evade me girls? Didn’t work. You forget what I am. Now… where are you two going,” Paul asked, crossing his arms over his chest. He lounged against the brick wall. Amy and Caleb cried out, startled by his abrupt entrance.

Caleb growled at the rude entrance and stormed up to the lounging vampire. She stood so close that Paul could see the gold flecks in her green eyes. She brushed up against him, unconsciously knowing that this triggered his bloodlust. Paul forced it back with all the will in his being.

“As if you didn’t know,” Caleb exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. She back from the vampire, then back to where she was. “I’m going to find Marko.”

“Uh huh, and without David’s consent,” Paul mocked, his eyes dancing.

“Oh, screw David! Do I have to have his permission to go out and look for the one man I love? I’m not one of his god forsaken damn vampires,” Caleb raged, beating Paul’s chest with her fists in frustration.

Paul winced in pain. The startled vampire backed away slowly from the raging female. He was surprised by the girl’s strength. He realized it came from her desperation to find Marko. He wrapped the trembling girl in a hug, glancing over at Amy. She stared silently at her friend, sobbing in the arms of a vampire.

“Don’t worry girl, we’ll find him. I promise you that… I won’t give up,” Paul whispered, looking down at Caleb.

“Thanks Paul, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be yelling at you. It isn’t your fault that he’s gone… it’s no one’s fault, except Katherine’s. If I find her… I don’t care if she’s a vampire. I’ll fucking kill her! She’d better not have hurt him. If she has… she’ll have to deal with my wrath,” Caleb promised, talking more to herself than Amy or Paul. The muscles in her body tensed up at the thought. She started to breathe heavier and heavier.

Worried glances passed between Paul and Amy. Caleb stood there and trembled. Anger washed over her, practically blinding anyone close to her. Caleb turned on her heel and stalked out of the alley, followed by Paul and Amy.

Katherine stood on the Boardwalk, her lapis lazuli eyes staring out at the nearby ocean. She leaned over the railing, resting her elbows on the wood. Katherine’s hair blew about her head in the breeze. Her thoughts trailed to Marko. She hadn’t meant to hurt him like that, but she just sort of lost her temper. Katherine seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

She pushed away from the railing and turned toward the Boardwalk exit stairs. She didn’t notice the three figures following her, but then again she didn’t care either way. Katherine was too engrossed in Marko to do anything to notice. All she worried about was getting him back.

Claude looked down upon the torn body of Marko. He lay sprawled out on his back, his mouth slightly open. The jacket he wore was almost torn to shreds from where Katherine scraped and clawed at him. Black was in a puddle around him, but had stopped flowing some time ago.

Claude watched as Marko took labored breaths, not opening his eyes. Claude ran his hand across Marko’s forehead. His smooth touch didn’t stir the resting vampire, but only brought a furrow to his brow. Claude wrenched his hand back as if burned by sunlight.

Paul followed close behind the girls. From where he was, he had a good view of the girls from behind. Paul had the urge to tackle them, tear off all their clothes, and make mad love to them on the beach. Just the clothes themselves were making the wild side of Paul come out. It wasn’t like he had trouble getting laid, but something about these girls made him want to do it just the same.

For a second, Paul didn’t want anyone else but Amy and Caleb. Just the way the moon rays danced across their skin, and the scent they gave off from anticipation, drove Paul to his weakness… sex. Amy’s pheromone drifted from her pores and hit Paul like a ton of bricks. It danced across his senses, taunting him forward.

Soon, Paul was in fang. His crimson and white eyes layed on Amy, and he smiled. Then he remembered what they were doing, finding his best friend who was in need. That was more important than sex. He returned to normal, angry at himself for even thinking of that. he continued on behind the girls, following close to Katherine as they could possibly get without being discovered.

David entered the cave and stopped. It was eerily silent for the cave. He sent his senses out all around him, but felt nothing. In a panic, he hurried up to the room where he had last seen Amy and Caleb. When he burst in, they were gone. David whirled around and ran into Dwayne, knocking the vampire taller vampire to the floor.

“Uh,” Dwayne said, standing to face his leader. “They went that way.”

“What,” David barked, grabbing his lieutenant by the jacket. He jerked Dwayne forward.

“They went to find Marko… without your consent may I add. I don’t know why,” Dwayne growled, muttering the last part under his breath.

“Jealous,” David snarled, taking vamp form. His crimson and white eyes fixed on Dwayne with savagery.

“Just a little. They wouldn’t do that if it were me,” Dwayne grumbled, looking at the floor.

“Oh, yes they would… and you know it. Stop being an asshole and lets track them down,” David ordered, hurrying toward the cave entrance.

Katherine entered the apartment and slammed the door. She let her keys drop to the floor next to the door. As she crossed the room, her eyes landed on Marko. He was still in the corner, not moving. A few tears managed to force their way out of Katherine’s lapis lazuli eyes. She wiped them away quickly.

Katherine walked slowly over to Marko and kneeled next to him. She ran a small hand over his forehead. Her fingers found their way to his golden curls, moving through them softly. Katherine cocked her head and bent down to kiss his forehead.

Behind her, the window shattered. It sent shards of glass spraying across the small apartment. It was as if some force of wind blew it to do so. Katherine whirled and stood up. Her fingers were curled into claws and she was in fang, prepared for the attacker that might come through.

To her surprise, Paul stepped through the hole in the wall where the window once was. His hematite eyes scanned the bare apartment and landed on Katherine, hidden in the shadows. A smile passed briefly over Paul’s lips.

“So, this is where you’ve been hiding? Nice place,” Paul began, moving slowly toward Katherine. He held up his hands, showing no aggression. “Easy, I come in peace.”

“But we do not,” a voice called out from behind him.

Katherine looked past Paul and witnessed Amy and Caleb standing there. Caleb’s eyes landed on Marko’s form. The green in her eyes went to black, widening in anger. With a loud snarl, Caleb leapt for Katherine’s throat.

The larger girl knocked the smaller one to the ground, clawing and punching. Katherine pushed her hands up to defend herself, but seemed to remember she was fighting a human. Katherine went into fang. Her small hands fumbled for Caleb’s windpipe. She dug her thumbs into Caleb’s throat and pushed. Caleb choked and released Katherine slightly. Katherine took advantage of this and threw Caleb into the wall. She landed next to Marko. Her hand slapped him on the chest, waking him from his slumber.

Marko looked down at the hand on his chest and trailed it back to it’s owner. Caleb lay crumpled next to him, blood pouring from her mouth. Her left hand lay across Marko’s chest, but her right arm was cocked at an unnatural angle beneath her. The forearm bone protruded from the skin, obviously broken. Caleb lay unconscious, her breathing labored and slowing with every breath.

Claude chose this time to come out of the bedroom. He witnessed the scene where Katherine threw Caleb across the room. His electric blue eyes landed on Marko. He watched as Marko looked over her and stood up. Claude leaped toward Marko and stopped.

“I’m the head vampire around here,” Claude called, suddenly cutting off his words any further. He looked down and saw the tip of a stake piercing through the front of his chest. Black blood flowed from his mouth.

“Now, you’re a coat rack,” a voice called from behind him. Amy looked up into Claude’s surprised face. A smile erupted her lips.

Claude sputtered, falling forward. He took one last breath and fell to the floor, ceasing to move. Amy looked up in time to be knocked down by the raging Katherine. Katherine stood and paused, as if waiting for something. Her whole body tensed as if urging something forward. Suddenly, a low growl escaped from her throat.

Katherine went down on all fours. Pale blonde hair sprouted over her arms, legs, hands, and face. Her ears shifted and grew from the top of her head. Thick claws replaced her nails, scratching into the floor. The vampire teeth changed into huge saber-like teeth. She peeled back her lips into a sneer. Katherine lifted her head back and let a bellowing roar escape. There before everyone’s eyes, Katherine changed into a snow panther.

The faint gold stripes could be seen on her back and face. The whiskers were golden as well, gleaming in the light. Her lapis lazuli eyes landed on Caleb, laying on the ground. Her eyes then switched to Amy. The girl stood suspended, not able to move. Amy’s chocolate brown eyes were wide with fear, she began to back against the wall.

Suddenly, Amy stepped forward. Her eyes shifted from Katherine to the ceiling. She then closed her eyes, waiting in silence. The whole room stopped when a low growl erupted from Amy. She turned her head and stared straight at Katherine. She smiled, saber-like teeth extending from her mouth.

David chose this time to come barreling into the apartment. He had followed the sounds of a struggle from the Boardwalk. His cerulean eyes widened in surprise as he watched Amy shift into something not human.

Amy lurched forward onto the floor. A shriek escaped as her form shifted. Cracking and crunches could be heard from Amy’s body. A tail tore it’s way out of Amy’s shorts and into the room. Her hands slammed against the ground, sprouting raven hair covered her body. The clothes she was wearing tore from her body, crumpling on the ground beneath her. Thick claws ground into the floor, sending shavings of wood across the room. Amy’s ears disappeared and reappeared above her head. Amy peeled back her lips and let a baritone roar escape. Her eyes landed on Katherine before her. Amy was a Siberian Tiger.

Katherine and Amy circled each other, like two boxers in a match. Amy let her head dip down, almost to her tiger chest. She leaped at Katherine, paws in the air. Katherine tried to duck in time, but wasn’t able to do so. The tips of Amy’s claws scratched across Katherine’s snout. A yowl escaped the wounded panther’s throat. She brought a paw to her nose.

Amy circled again for a second attack, but Katherine was ready. When Amy leaped, Katherine lashed out with her hind legs. She sent Amy crashing into the wall. Katherine caught Amy’s tail in her mouth and pulled. A yelp of pain erupted from Amy’s mouth. Katherine swung Amy in a circle, and she threw the wounded tiger into another wall.

Katherine leapt to attack again, but Caleb jumped in the way before she could get to Amy. Katherine’s claws swiped across Caleb’s chest, breaking one side of her rib cage and severing her shoulder. Caleb went forward, into the outstretched arms of Marko.

Amy watched in horror as her friend lay dying. While Katherine was distracted, Amy shifted back to human form. The naked girl scrambled to Clause. She ripped the steak from his chest. Amy turned to Katherine. Katherine had her back turned to Amy. She lunged forward and leaped. Amy landed on Katherine’s back, plunging the stake into the panther’s heart.

Katherine bucked, knocking Amy onto the floor. Katherine’s panther form melted away, her human form pushing it’s way through. Katherine clutched the stake that protruded from her chest. A howl escaped from Katherine. She suddenly burst into flame, fire burning blood red. With one final scream, Katherine exploded. Pieces of her scattered about the room, stinking of burnt flesh.

Everyone’s attention focused on Marko. He was cradling Caleb in the center of the apartment. Amy crawled to the heartbroken vampire. Marko was only focused on Caleb, not noticing anyone else that was in the room.

David watched the blood pool from Caleb’s wounds. It made it’s way, like a flood, toward him. It spilled around his feet, covering his boots with stickiness. He bent down and ran his finger through it. David brought it to his mouth. He tasted the sweetness of Caleb’s blood and knew now was the time.

He started forward to Marko. David stopped and took off his jacket, wrapping it around the naked Amy. She looked up at him in gratefulness. Her eyes then fell back to Caleb. Tears slid down them for the dying girl. Caleb had given her life to save Amy’s. Amy now knew she had a true friend.

David bent and pulled Caleb from Marko’s arms. Marko protested, pulling Caleb back down to him. David gave Marko a solid kick in the side, letting him know what he was doing was for the best. Marko obliged, still watching his Caleb.

“David… I’m sorry about—,” Caleb started, eyes half open. David layed his finger across her lips.

“Shh, I have something to ask you. Caleb, you are loved by all of us in the Pack… most of all Marko. Will you join us… become ours? We will take care of you, love you, and most of all… protect you,” David whispered, his cerulean eyes shifting over the girl’s face for any sign understanding.

“I… it would save my life? It would make Marko happy and I could stay with him… yes,” Caleb whispered, bringing her hands up and wrapping them in David’s hair.

David tore a fang across his wrist. He didn’t have the bottle with him, but fresh blood was better. He put his wrist to Caleb’s lips. She began to suck instinctively. Her teeth dug harder into David’s wrist, drawing more blood. He felt his power draining into Caleb, changing her. He finally had to tear his wrist away from her mouth. Caleb whimpered, following the wrist with her head.

David soothed the girl and carried her back to Marko. He placed the girl in Marko’s arms. A smile of thankfulness rolled across Marko’s lips. David nodded in understanding, turning to Amy. He lifted the girl to her feet. A smile erupted across his face, reaching his cerulean eyes.

“You know… you could’ve warned me,” David began. Amy cut off his words with a kiss.

“I’m just full of surprises,” she replied, smiling. Amy gazed around at all gathered in the small apartment.

“Here’s to a new beginning,” Marko whispered, leaning and kissing Caleb’s lips. His hazel eyes gleamed with happiness.

David stepped out into the night with Amy at his side. Paul and Dwayne followed, leaving Marko to himself with Caleb. Marko watched as Caleb’s green eyes opened. She smiled, showing her new ivory fangs. Marko bent down for a kiss, closing the front door with his foot. He carried Caleb to the bedroom, preparing for sleep as the sun rose 15 minutes later.