A New Beginning



Taking place a few weeks after the movie ends. Max, Star, and Michael have died. The Frog brother’s and Sam have fled Santa Carla. The Lost Boys survived and are still living in the cave. A few new friends join their Pack, but can they handle knowing what the boys are? A few references to the past events. Marko has a MAJOR role in this story! The Boys, such as Marko and Paul and Dwayne, have more of a character.

Genre: Angst, Romance

Characters: David, Dwayne, Marko, OCs: Multiple, Other Fandom Character – Crossover, Paul

Rating: PG-13

Notes: I put a lot of Marko, Paul, Caleb, and Gabriel in this one. It practically revolves around them. Dwayne is on his own with Selma, and David has committed the worst crime in the Pack. They have main parts, but it’s mostly Marko, Paul, Caleb, and Gabriel. Paragraphs that are in little star marks *are flashbacks*.

Stats: Posted: 28 Nov 2004 | Chapters: 4 | Status: WIP | Word Count: 14,985 | Status: WIP | Length: 10-20k

A New Beginning by Phoenix