Welcome to The Lost Cave, formerly “Lost In The Shadows”, a site for all things about The Lost Boys. If you loved David, Marko, Paul, Dwayne, Michael, Star, Laddie, Sam and The Frog Brothers you are in the right place!  If you want to discuss them, try the forum.  If you want to read about them, try the archive, and if you want to look at them, try the gallery.

I am honoured to say that Sammy, owner of The Lost Cave, has turned the site over to me for ongoing updates and such-like. I hope that I can keep up the maintenance of such a site to the standard that all visitors have come to expect.

You are now standing in the old sunken lobby of the Lost Cave. Yes, this is the original Lost Cave. Others will imitate it and steal its title, but there’s only one real Lost Cave, and you’re in it now! (*see note below) This site is dedicated to one of the greatest movies of the 80’s, The Lost Boys. This is the realm of all Lost Boys and Lost Girls–members of our mailing lists. Be one of us, join our mailing lists! Check out the other rooms of our cave, where you’ll find pics and quotes from the movie; Lost Boys Fan Fiction; sequel news; information about the movie, the soundtrack, the novelization; and tons of other things.

Of course, if you’ve stumbled onto this site accidentally and you’ve never even heard of The Lost Boys, here is the story:

Michael and Sam Emerson move to Santa Carla after their parents’ divorce. Michael meets a girl called Star, and Sam spends his time with the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan.

They soon realise that the local gang of bikers are more dead than alive, but this is not before Michael’s been initiated into the gang and has fallen in love with Star.

Sam teams up with the Frog brothers to rid Santa Carla of its vampires, and save his brother from becoming one of them.

Second owner of the site, after Sammy handed it over. Lost Boys fan since the early 90s, owned this site since 2001. A bit nerdy. Fan of Marko. Wish I owned Star's skirt.