The Lost Cave is 10 Years Old!

Well, The Lost Cave is ten years old in a couple of days. I’ve given it a quick makeover, updated a few links, and done some general tidying up around here.

I shall be updating the forum and archive with the new layout shortly. I hope to skin the main site soon, so that you can have whatever skin you like on all parts of the site, not just the archive and forum.

I hope to run into Carla shortly, and continue our discussion of things we hope to do to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Cave. If you have any ideas, anything that you’d like to see happen, then leave a comment.

Second owner of the site, after Sammy handed it over. Lost Boys fan since the early 90s, owned this site since 2001. A bit nerdy. Fan of Marko. Wish I owned Star's skirt.