A Bitter Price

David has finally admitted his desire to become a vampire. Things don’’t go as smoothly as they should though, and soon the vampire finds himself alone.

Genre: Angst, Drama

Characters: David, OC: Female

Stats: Posted: 14 Aug 2006 | Chapters: 1 | Status: Complete | Word Count: 752 | Status: Complete | Length: <1k

A Bitter Price by Kira

“The need, the blood lust is a chain not easily broken,” her voice was low, her lips barely brushing his ear. “Once you cross that line it holds you for all eternity.”

She trailed her hands across David’s chest and back as she circled him, resting them on his stomach, she nipped at his earlobe. “You’re so young, such an innocent. Do you really want this?” Her hands dropped to the growing bulge in his leather pants. She stroked him lightly.

David groaned thrusting into her hands. “Yes,” he hissed. “Yes I want this. Please. Change me.”

Michia laughed darkly her fangs brushing his throat. “On your knees.” David hesitated but did as she ordered him. She chuckled at his quick obedience. Such an innocent. She had no doubts she could get him to do anything she pleased at the moment. But she had more important plans for this one. Taming a human was so easy. It quite bored her after all these years. But taming a vampire? One of her own making broken to her every whim? She smiled and stroked his cheek. And one her sister chosen as a mate. How lovely.

Michia pulled his hair back, fangs brushing his throat. Smiling at his whimper she sank her fangs into his throat only to be yanked up by her hair and tossed across the room.

David hissed in pain as his throat tore with her removal and then fear as he heard the snarling behind him. Dropping to the floor, he spun to see what was happening. Two mirror images locked in a violent battle, snarling, fangs slashing at each other.

David stood hand raising as if to stop them to go to one or the other of them but he hesitated not sure what was going on.

They stood facing each other tensed for attack.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Michia?!” one hissed and David’s eyes instantly went to her. That was Lisset’s voice.

Michia smiled “That should be obvious darling sister. “I’m making your love into my toy.”

Lisset growled low in her throat face vamping. “I. Don’t. Think. So.” She lunged at her sister dropping a stake from up the sleeve of her white gown. She plunged it deep in her sisters heart dropping to the ground to roll her sister over her back guarding her face. Michia clawed at her sister as she collapsed. Blood welled from the wound down her body in a seemingly endless stream, her snarls and roars filling the room until she was reduced to twitching and whimpering before she finally lay still.

Lisset walked to David and brushed his cheek. “Are you all right my darling?” at David’s reassurance she went on. “So, my love. You wish to be a vampire?”

He nodded slightly and she smiled. “Good.” Her mouth dropping to his throat, fangs sliding in slowly. She drank deeply and with each ounce of blood David moaned or whimpered pressing against her. The feeding had never been like this before… He growled thrusting against her.

David bit her pulse shocked when her skin broke and the blood poured into his mouth. Sending him spiraling even closer to the edge.

He smiled as he pulled away, looking deeply into her eyes pale gold eyes… eyes that widened as she burst into flames falling away from him to fall to the floor, shrieking.

David screamed eyes moving to the now dead body of Michia only inches away from Lisset a silver cross attached to a wooden stake clutched in her hand a smile on her lips. A gaping wound in her chest where she had pulled the stake from. Lisset’s screams faded after only moments though those moments would remain forever with him.

David stared down at them blood tears flowing down his cheeks. He gave up the sun, life, his family, all for her and now she lay dead at his feet a blackened shell.

He want to his knees on the ground beside her, his eyes closing tightly as the sun rose outside.

For the first time in his life he knew the true meaning of alone. And he doubted his new gift was worth this price. But that was a thought best dealt with in the night.

When he faced his first night as a vampire, faced his first hunt, and the rest of his unlife. An eternity alone. What a bitter price to pay for immortality.

The End