A Moonlight Tale

Blood Kin

Blood Kin

Luna reluctantly climbed on the back of Marko’s motorbike. She hadn’t wanted to go at all, but Marko had assured her that she would be safe. It wasn’t she couldn’t trust Marko, but the other three guys were intimidating.

And she was confused as hell.

On the journey there things began to click. The initials, D, Dw, P and M, David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko. She was riding with the same boys that her mother had seventeen years ago.

Except for that was impossible. She saw the lighthouse and remembered that her mother had seen it as she approached their home. The wooden steps that lead to the mouth of a cave.

She shivered and Marko put his arm around her. She wanted to shrug it off, but at the same time wanted his touch as it was familiar.

Paul walked next to them. “Well, it’s a small world,” he said. “Must be, if our little Marko’s first love is the daughter of our original Lost Girl.”

Luna could barely speak. David had talked to her mother about Never-Never Land, and who lived there? The Lost Boys. The name of this gang, according to Marko.

Marko stroked her shoulder, trying to reassure her. It did little to help.

They entered the cave and it was just as Star’s journal had described it, and just as cold. Paul and Dwayne walked around, lighting fires in the oil drums.

“Have a seat,” David offered. Luna stared at him, it was a softer tone than she expected, and by the looks on the boys’ faces, they were surprised too.

She sat down on the couch opposite David, who sat in an old wheelchair of all things.

“Does anyone have a cigarette?” she asked. She just need something that seemed normal. David passed her his pack of smokes and a zippo lighter. She lit up, while thinking crazily, Look at me, I’m smoking in front of my ‘Dad’. I wonder if he’ll ground me.

“Who are you people? What did you do to my Mom? What drugs did you make her take?” she asked, as Marko took a seat next to her and took her hand.

“Drugs?” David questioned. “What makes you say that?”

“Well, you did something to her. She couldn’t leave and she mentioned that she wanted overcome an ‘addiction’ so she could leave you,” Luna explained, fashioning speech marks with her fingers.

“We’re not on drugs, Lu,” Marko told her. “Well, except for Paul, who uses pot on a regular basis, but it mellows him out—and you don’t want to deal with Paul when he’s not mellow. He never shuts up.”

“Thanks, bud,” Paul replied.

“Boys,” David said warningly. “Let’s stay on topic, shall we?”

“So what did you do to her?”

“We tried to make her like us,” David replied.

“And what makes you so different?”

“We’re vampires, Luna.”

Luna laughed shrilly, more from fear than humour. “No, really, what are you?”

David didn’t answer with words. As she looked at him she watched his face pale and his teeth elongate. She looked around the room and saw that both Paul and Dwayne were in fang too.

“Marko?” she asked in a small voice, relieved to see he still looked human.

“I am too,” he told her. “Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.”

Luna gulped, fighting the tears. She didn’t want to believe any of this, but how could she ignore what was right in front of her. “No,” she said in a small voice.

“Yes,” Marko told her. “We’re vampires.”

“And you turned my mother?”

“Yes,” David agreed. “We tried. I was trying to take her away from the pain in her life. All of the pack had lives that they wanted to escape from when I turned them.”

Luna began to protest, but David held up a hand and continued.

“I won’t glorify what we are, Luna—or my reasons for turning the few that I chose,” David told her. “Yes, I chose people who were unhappy—not to save them, but because they were more suited to the life I could offer. I’m not going to make this easier on you by telling you that we only feed on evil people. I won’t tell you that we only take a little blood, that we leave our meals alive—and that’s what they are, meals, not people. I won’t tell you that we don’t enjoy it, that’s it’s our curse to do this. We are vampires. We kill people. We don’t feel remorse about it. It’s not romantic. It’s not beautiful. It’s just what we do.”

Luna shivered. Although he had nothing to lose, she admired his honesty. He could have made it seem romantic and gentle. He could have let her live in denial about what he, Marko, Dwayne and Paul did, but he didn’t.

“I get it,” she muttered. “You’re evil. You won’t be coming to parent-teacher nights at school.”

David shifted back into his human form, a smile on his face from her words. “But we do have feelings. That much of our old lives we keep.”

She stared at David. “At least the age thing makes sense now.” She sighed.

“I knew there was something about you,” David mused, barely aware he had spoken. “I felt new energy in the town, and it was coming from you.”

“She was what sparked off the mystical sniffer-dog?” Paul asked, joining the conversation for the first time.

David fixed him with a glare, but nodded.

“But if you’re a vampire, how can you be my father?” Luna enquired.

David lit a cigarette. “To be honest I don’t know. Perhaps Star was pregnant before she came to the cave, after all she was…” He stopped. For some reason he was now reluctant to hurt the girl in front of him, despite the fact that half an hour ago he would have ripped her throat out without thinking twice about it.

“I know what my mother was,” Luna said quietly. “But she wasn’t pregnant before she got to the cave. Her diary…” She faltered, unsure of how to word it. “There was a little code she used to keep track of… Anyway, you were the only guy after she last…” A blush heated her cheeks. She scarcely talked of ‘women’s problems’ as her PSE teacher at school called them, let alone in front of four guys—vampires—she barely knew. “You can read it if you want,” she offered reluctantly.

“I don’t want to invade something that’s private to you,” David replied. “But I think I should read it. Whatever the outcome, you’re not in any danger from us.”

She checked around the room for reactions. Marko looked almost as relieved as she felt, Paul looked confused, but agreeable and Dwayne’s face, as always, was unreadable.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I feel weird thanking you. You killed Edgar and Alan’s Mom and Dad, and my great-grandpa. I don’t know what to think. At least I know where all those stories the Frogs used to tell me came from. You’re not going to go after them are you?”

“The past should stay buried,” David decided. “It’s been a long time.”

Luna ran her hands through her hair, then stole another of David’s cigarettes. “This is difficult for me. I’m sitting in a cave with four killers. I’m the girlfriend of a murderer. I’m dating the man who helped kill my family.”

Marko faced her. “You never met them. And you aren’t technically related.”

“That’s not the point. Sam isn’t really my uncle, but he’s family,” she retorted, standing up.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. I just need to be somewhere that’s not here,” she replied inhaling on her cigarette.

“You can’t just leave,” he told her.

“I know that!” she shouted at him, furious at herself for trusting him, furious at him for not being honest with her. “I’ve got no idea where the fuck I am! But right now, being outside in the dark seems a lot more appealing than being trapped in a cave with four cold-blooded killers!”

“Don’t go far,” Dwayne told her as she left the cave. “One of us will take you home tonight. It’s not safe out there.”

“It’s not much safer in here!” she responded angrily.

Notes: I know I didn’t write it, but assume that Marko told David that Star and Michael were dead before she got to the cave.

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