A Moonlight Tale



Luna looked up to see the newcomer. He was an average looking guy with blonde spiky hair and icy blue eyes. He was flanked by two other guys, one with long dark hair, the other with long blonde hair.

She heard Marko curse several times.

“This is who we’re running from?” she asked. She had been expecting someone a little more formidable.

“You’re running from us, Marko?” Spiky Hair enquired.

Marko got off his motorbike, noticing the disappointed looks on Dwayne and Paul’s faces. They didn’t want it to end like this, but pack law decreed that anyone who betrayed them would be killed. And if he was going to be hung without a trial, he was at least going to protect Luna as much as he could. He stepped in front of her.

“This isn’t what it looks like, David. I would never leave the pack.”

“Then tell me, what is happening here? Because it does look a lot like you’re leaving us.” David’s tone was icy.

“I was just taking Luna away from here. I wasn’t leaving. I was coming back,” he replied, knowing just how weak his words—his whole argument—was. David, as his sire, had ordered him never to see her again.

“Marko? What’s going on?” Luna asked.

For the first time David really looked at the girl in question. If she hadn’t spoken, he probably wouldn’t have. But her voice reminded him of Star’s. He appraised her silently. She didn’t just remind him of Star, she was a duplicate of her, but with blonde hair, instead of brown. He felt his rage start to spin out of control. “Star?”

“Marko?” she asked again, badly frightened by the look in David’s eyes and the mention of her mother’s name. “What’s going on? You know these guys? Do they have a problem with me, or with you?”

David strode towards Luna. She dropped her bag in fright and moved behind Marko, trying to keep some distance between herself and David.

Marko said the only thing that might possibly save her. “Luna, meet your father. David. The infamous ‘D’.”

Everybody stopped.

Luna found her voice first. “What? Are you insane? He’s only about five years older than me!”

“Marko, explain yourself. And do it quickly, before I lose my temper!” David threatened.

“Star was pregnant before she left Santa Carla. Not with Michael’s child. Her diary refers to ‘D’ being the father,” he responded quickly, not wanting to try David’s already-stretched patience.

“What’s going on?” Luna demanded. “How can he be my father? I’m sixteen. He was a kid when I was born.”

“So Marko hasn’t told you his little secret then?” David chuckled. “Well our little secret.”

Luna was dangerously close to tears, nothing was making sense. The guy who claimed not five minutes ago to love her was playing games with her and there were three guys who may or may not still be greatly interested in killing her.

“Someone fucking explain what the hell is going on?” she shouted, trying to convert her fear into anger. Anger was something she could work with, it would give her confidence. Fear would just paralyse her and make her a victim.

“The mortal wants to know what’s going on.” David smiled at Paul. “Paul, what’s going on?”

“I dunno, David,” he replied playfully. “What’s going on, Dwayne?”

“Wait a minute, who wants to know?”

“The mortal wants to know,” Paul informed him.

“Oh cut the crap! Either kill me or let me go, but don’t bore me to death, that’s just plain mean!” Luna snapped, then regretted it. Probably not a wise move to insult three guys who had big plans on beating her to a pulp.

To her surprise, David laughed. “You’re either brave or foolish, young mortal.” Before she knew what was happening, David pinned her against the wall of the motel by her throat.

“David, let her go.” Marko tried to knock David away from her. “She’s your daughter. You can’t kill her.”

David let go of Luna’s throat and whirled round to face Marko. Luna collapsed to the ground, gasping for air.

“Why can’t I kill her?” he demanded of Marko. “And you too, while I’m at it. You claim she’s my daughter, it could be a simple—and very poor—lie to save your skin.”

Marko picked up Luna’s bag from where she had dropped it, he opened it and handed David a battered leather-bound book. “This is Star’s journal.” He nodded at Luna. “And that is her daughter. Yours too.”

He pushed past David and helped Luna to her feet. “I won’t let you hurt her, David. Kill me, fine, but don’t hurt her. She can’t help being Star’s daughter. She just came her looking for some answers.”

David faltered. He had been planning to kill the both of them. Marko seemed so sincere. And now he had some form of proof in his hands that somehow, he had a daughter.

He had never known a vampire to have a child, not by accident. There had only been three cases of it in history, and two of them had died during infancy.

He sighed deeply. “I won’t kill either of you. Come back to the cave, I want to hear more about this.”

“What about me?” Luna asked, almost incoherent with confusion and fear. “You pin me to a wall, you threaten us and we’re supposed to go back with you? And I keep saying that you can’t be my father. You’re not old enough.”

“Come back to the cave,” David repeated. “We shall explain everything there.”

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