A Moonlight Tale


Alternate Universe Fic: When Star and Michael Emerson die in a car crash, their daughter Luna is understandably distraught. While sorting their belongings for Goodwill, she stumbles over some very old journals belonging to her mother. These journals call everything Luna has taken for granted into question. A trip to Santa Carla – one meant to shed some light on the subject – causes yet more confusion. Who are the gang mentioned in Star’s journal? And why does Luna’s new love-interest, who appears only a few years older than herself, remember Star and Michael?

Genre: Angst, Drama

Characters: Alan Frog, David, Edgar Frog, Marko, Michael Emerson, OC: Female, Sam Emerson, Star

Pairings: Marko/Original Character

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Character Death (Off Screen)

Notes: Let’s just pretend that Star, Michael, Sam and the Frogs managed to kill Max, but not The Lost Boys. They flee from Santa Carla and start new lives. You could call this an alternate universe fic. By the way, I wrote a fic called “An Unlucky Star” that tells how Star became a Lost Girl, this fic alludes to events in that I guessed Star was (meant to be) seventeen in 1987 (although she looked at least nineteen – but Lucy makes that comment about school – so seventeen) and her daughter is sixteen. This Fic is a bit of a Mary Sue. Actually, it’s a lot of a Mary Sue. It was *thinks* the second fan fic I ever wrote. Don’t hold it against me.

Thank Yous: Right, first off, to Rach, aka Goddess of the Song. Thanks for the lyrics for the final chapter. I love you, babe. You rock. Secondly, to JX17, for emailing me constantly about this fic. Thank you, I probably wouldn’t have finished it without your encouragement. Thirdly, to my Lost Cave family, Sammy, Carla, Nicolette, Angie, Red, Raeanne, the list goes on forever, but my brain doesn’t. You guys are fab!

Stats: Posted: 15 Dec 2004 | Updated: 10 Nov 2006 | Chapters: 18 | Status: Complete | Word Count: 25,146 | Status: Complete | Length: 20-30k

The Moonlight Series #2: A Moonlight Tale by Sarah

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