September Update – Fanci

What’s new? Well, I’ve added a new fic called David’s Daughter by Rivinia. It was a submission, not me begging for fics, which makes a nice change (pointed glare to everyone else on the planet who hasn’t submitted any fic). And better yet it’s complete unlike…

An Unlucky Star I’ve added three more chapters, and there’s a few more to be uploaded. The story is technically finished, as it is, from chapters 8 or 9 onwards is where I’m beginning the alternative universe for my fic A Moonlight Tale. Let me take this opportunity to thank Kim for being so supportive of my fic. What a star!

I have also finally managed to put up the rest of Stranded Starfish so now I have two complete fics up here. Yay me. It’s just a pity none of mine are complete, but at least…

I have managed to come up with a title for my untitled fic, it’s now called A Moonlight Tale simply because the main character is called Luna, her mother is Star, vampires come out at night etc. etc.

I’ve also fixed the Promo Photos page, I don’t know what was wrong with it, but somehow I managed to fix it. All pics are now totally viewable.

Another page has been added the Wallpaper page, there’s only two up at the moment, but I’ve been busy.

And more importantly, I’ve finally corrected the spelling of ‘Frog’ on the home page, every time I see it I think about correcting it, but never get round to it. Ha ha! It is done!

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