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The Movie (9)

Who is Kelly Jo Minter, and what else has she starred in?

Kelly Jo Minter played Maria in “The Lost Boys.” I’ve heard from several sources that a lot of material was cut out of the movie. So I’ll bet Kelly Jo Minter did have a speaking part. If you can get the Lost Boys novel, Maria does speak to Lucy a couple of times. Even the Frog Parents have speaking parts; they were probably cut out, too. You can see Kelly Jo Minter as Maria in at least two parts in the movie. One, when the Lost Boys come into Max’s video store, if you look at the right side of the screen when Paul says, “We only come in here to watch one thing.” She is standing behind the counter smiling at the Lost Boys. Two, when Lucy is on the phone asking Michael to stay home with Sam, you can see Maria over Lucy’s shoulder, smiling at Lucy. You can find out more about Kelly Jo Minter’s career at the IMDB. That’s the US address, but it should transport you to the address of your country.

Sarah’s Addition: Kelly Jo was also in Nightmare on Elm Street 5 as Yvonne.

There’s a novelization to The Lost Boys? How do I get it?

Yes, there is a novelization. It’s out of print though, but not impossible to find. It pops up often enough at online auctions, so keep checking.

The Lost Boys novel, unfortunately, is out of print, as you probably know. However, all is not lost. Your best bet for acquiring a used copy is to check auctions. I recommend You can type in “Lost Boys” and auction watch will do a search of several online auctions. Quite often a copy of the novel goes on auction at eBay or Yahoo! auctions. Keep looking!

Who is Maria in the movie?

Maria is played by Kelly Jo Minter. The reason she appears in the ending credits, I think, is because she originally had a speaking part (she does in the book), but they cut a lot of scenes including “Maria’s” speaking part. You can spot her in a few scenes in the movie. One is at night, when the Lost Boys saunter into Max’s video store. Paul says, “We only come here to watch one thing,” and if you look quickly you can see Maria on the right side of the screen. She also appears in the scene where Lucy is calling Michael to ask him to stay with Sam while she goes out with Max. You can see Maria over Lucy’s shoulder, repeatedly looking at Lucy with a teasing smile on her face.

Sarah’s Addition: For a visual aid, see below (used to be a separate page):

Many of you have asked, “Who is Maria in the movie?” or “Who does Kelly Jo Minter play in The Lost Boys?”I have tried my best to answer your questions, but now I’ve decided a pictorial key will help more. :^)

Kelly Jo Minter is listed in the credits of The Lost Boys as Maria, but many of you have had a difficult time figuring out just where she comes in. Below are some pictures that will tell you exactly where Kelly Jo Minter makes her two appearances as Maria.

Her first appearance is when Lucy ambles into the video store to ask Max if the lost little boy’s mother is inside. As the Lost Boys round the corner, Paul says,

Maria in The Lost Boys

“We only came here to watch one thing” – Paul

On the right side of the screen, you’ll be able to spot Maria.

Maria in The Lost Boys

Marko watches intently

Her next appearance is when Lucy calls Michael from the video store to ask if he’ll stay home with Sam that night because she has a date with Max.

Maria in The Lost Boys

“I’d like to go, ok?” – Lucy

Behind Lucy, you can see Maria smiling teasingly at Lucy.

And there you have it. Mystery solved! I believe she must have had some speaking parts in the movie that they cut out for time, because Maria does speak in the novel. If you can find the Lost Boys novel, you’ll be able to read Maria’s “dialogue.” Keep an eye on online auctions such as eBay and Yahoo! The novel shows up there surprisingly often, for an out-of-print book.

I hope this was of service to you. Thanks for visiting the Lost Cave!

What song is Sam singing in the tub?

This song is called “Ain’t Got No Home” and it’s by Clarence “Frogman” Henry. If you have an oldies radio station in your area, I’ll bet you’ll hear it if you can listen long enough.

Jamison Newlander, aka Alan Frog, – what is he doing now?

Jamison Newlander has been in plenty of stage plays since “The Lost Boys” and “The Blob.” He even wrote a stage series called “The Virtual Adventures of Riff-Cat Polito.” For more of the latest information on Jamison, visit Sammy’s Jamison Newlander Site [sorry, site no longer exists]. Might I add there is a lovely photo gallery here too?

What breed of dog is Nanook?

Nanook, played by a beautiful dog named Cody, is an Alaskan Malamute. The two breeds do look quite similar; they are both sled dogs and both “Arctic breeds.” But the Malamute almost always has brown eyes (I’d say about 99% of the time), and the Malamute is a larger dog with a broader head than the Siberian Husky. Malamute’s ears are set farther apart on their heads and are rounder at the tips than Huskies’. Incidentally, it’s been said that Cody went on to play “Wolf” in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. When he passed away, his son Chaz continued in the role.

Is the Grandpa a half vampire? Been biten but never made a human kill…?

That’s an interesting question, and certainly some of the things Grandpa does in the movie makes you raise an eyebrow. I wouldn’t think so, though. He was probably just really eccentric. If by chance I ever hear anything one way or the other, I will update this FAQ question/reply.

Did the Boys really ride their bikes or what that just the stuntpeople doing all that riding?

I imagine that the trickier stunts, such as the scene where the Boys are maneuvering through the woods, were done by professional stunt people. The easier tricks were probably done by the actors; Kiefer, however, broke his wrist while filming the movie. He wore a band on his arm to cover up the cast while filming.

If a vampire can’t come into your home unless it’s invited, how come The Lost Boys were able to enter Grandpa’s house before the big fight scene?

That’s a very interesting question. The only logical thing I can come up with is that when Michael opened the door in an earlier scene when the Lost Boys were circling the house on their motorcycles, that counted as an invitation into the house.

Sarah’s Addition: I always assumed that because Michael invited in Max, who was the Head Vampire, that the invitation extended to his boys – his blood would have been in their veins. Furthermore, from Max’s words, “Never invite a vampire into your home, you silly boy, it renders you powerless” you could take that to mean that uninvited vampires could enter, but would not pass any of the “tests” that Sam and the Frogs performed on Max. Since the Lost Boys weren’t trying to hide their vampire states, an invitation would not be something they particularly needed.

The Soundtrack (4)

What song is Sam singing in the tub?

This song is called “Ain’t Got No Home” and it’s by Clarence “Frogman” Henry. If you have an oldies radio station in your area, I’ll bet you’ll hear it if you can listen long enough.

Who is that guy who plays the saxophone in the movie?

That would be Tim Cappello. He sings “I Still Believe” on the Lost Boys soundtrack (The Call has a version of this song, as well) and appears as the Boardwalk concert star in the movie. Tim was also Tina Turner’s saxophonist in the 80’s.

Where can I find the lyrics to the songs?

On the Soundtrack Page. You can click on a title and the lyrics will pop up at you.

What’s the title of the song during the ___ scene?

Once again, check the Soundtrack Page, it lists all the songs, and where in the movie you hear them.

The Website (5)

What happened to the member profiles?

Seriously? I couldn’t face dealing with them. I’ve had a similar thing on other sites I’ve run, and I just couldn’t deal with the fiddly html. I’ve looked into automating the process, using php and mySQL, but once the automated archive was in place, it was easier not to. After all, you can fill out your profile on there.

What happened to the tag board?

The tag board was not put up so you could have a place to chat with all your mates – in the few months that it was up, my bandwidth soared, and it was either lose the tag board, or lose the site entirely. I chose to keep the site and deal with your complaints.

If I send you a snotty and threatening email, will you put the tag board back?

If I punched you in the face, would you do me a favour? No. Being rude does not help, neither does asking nicely, actually. I found this out when I begged you guys to stop using it as a chatroom, and instead use it as a guestbook, as I intended. In the end, the tag board had to die. Why can’t you just use msn or AIM instead?

I’ve got some Lost Boys pictures for your site, can I send them to you?

Sure. Though if they’re grainy or small, chances are I won’t bother displaying them. Here’s the important bit though: Do NOT send bitmap files, they are gigantic and take forever to get through. If you have a bitmap (.bmp suffix), open it in any graphics programme and save it as a jpeg (.jpg suffix). Thanks.

What’s Hotlinking?

What’s hotlinking? Well, it’s when you steal my pictures and my bandwidth, by using my server to host pictures on your site. If you don’t know how to do this, then I’m not telling you, it will only encourage the idiotic masses to abuse my server.

What’s the big deal about hotlinking? Well, it costs me money. When you have a and pay for your hosting package, you have to pay for bandwidth. To quote’s page about hotlinking and bandwidth theft:

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from a website to a user’s computer. When you view a webpage, you are using that site’s data transfer to display the files. Since web hosts charge based on the amount of data transferred, bandwidth is an issue. If a site is over it’s monthly bandwidth, it’s billed for the extra data or taken offline.

Some time last year a girl “borrowed” my server space, she used pictures from my site to decorate hers – while they were still on my server. I emailed her politely to ask her to take them down, but first I had a little fun. I changed the names of the pictures she was hotlinking, and uploaded new ones with the names.  I also have a nifty little script that will automatically change any image to the below:

The ugly-ass image that will show up if you hotlink

The ugly-ass image that will show up if you hotlink

You see, while the pictures are on my server, I have control over them. Not complete control, otherwise morons like her would not be able to hotlink my images. What I do have is a file that automatically changes any picture that someone is trying to hotlink from the picture they want to the image above. So if you don’t want to look like a moron, I suggest you don’t hotlink me.  As a side note, the picture is HUGE and will distort your site.

However, if you are stupid enough to try, then expect to see your entire site covered in images like the one above, and I will happily report you to your web host.

Her site is since gone, but Deuce of Clubs has a very amusing section dedicated to humiliating anyone who dares steal bandwidth from there. The webmaster is an inspiration to us all.

Hotlink me and I will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Got that?

Mailing List Stuff (7)

What happened to the mailing lists?

I have removed the mailing list stuff because… well, when’s the last time anyone joined a mailing list? 2001?  They were losing popularity ten years ago, but still the page stayed.  It’s time to end it all.  I believe they still exist and are full of spam.  Besides, discussion forums are far more fun.  However, I’ve retained the FAQ for posterity because the Cave Titles thing was awesome back in the day. *sob*  Back in the 90s.

Why does everyone have long signatures after their names?

We refer to these as our “Cave Titles,” which are just for fun. We choose a title like King, Queen, Empress, Ruler, Maven, etc., and then we choose something to rule over–this part reflects personal interests (Queen of the Night, Emperor of Horror Films, whatever). Feel free to invent your own Cave Title. Sometimes another list member will even award you with a title.

What is with the Clans on the list?

Clans are the list members’ way of claiming kinship to other list members with similar interests. Some Clans are open membership; other Clans invite list members to join or accept new memberships. By way of examples, “Clan Lost Boys” is for anyone who is a fan of the movie. The SOP/COP Clan has a closed membership that you’d have to earn your place in.

Which Clans are open and which are closed?

All Clans are open to membership except for the Fencewalkers and the SOP/COP Clan. If you want to join the open Clans, speak up on the list!

What is the SOP/COP Clan?

SOP stands for Sister(s) Of Porn. There are three of them. COP stands for Cousin(s) Of Porn. There will be no more SOP’s, but the COP branch keeps growing. To become a COP, you must earn an invitation from one of the SOP’s. (And by Porn we do not mean it literally; for instance I [Sammy] was invited to become a COP because I wrote a scene in one of my Lost Boys fanfics where Alan Frog was naked).

Sarah’s addition: And I was asked to join simply for stalking Carla, hence my title: Sarah, The Stalky COP.

What is a Fencewalker?

Frosting, our Princess of Fencewalkers, has this to say:
Fencewalker -n. guardian vampires
Why? Not everyone has a Lost Cave for shelter. tolerance of slayers; can handle two hours in sun–-NO MORE; When undeads in cemetery are waking up and leaving to feed or play, the vault must look like NOTHING UNUSUAL happened. Well, further more…

  1. The greater the rank one has, the greater the responsibility!
  2. If it’s a full moon, a werewolf can come out around the graveyard. And that’s fine. Fencers won’t let someone around there kill it.
  3. Fencers can,for some strange reason, take 2 hours in light [NO more!]
  4. Full moon- good if 3 Walkers are watching…
  5. You know who the undeads in THAT graveyard are.
  6. MOST OBVIOUS – If you see a living person try to enter or try to enter a vault, make sure it’s NOT a caretaker before you––-DEAL with the threat at hand.
  7. Halloween- All undeads in graveyard need to be out and about until dawn…
  8. Don’t endanger the sleeping undeads. Don’t endanger vampires that are AWAKE up there either.

To become a Fencewalker, just ask Frosting on the list!

Who are these people I keep hearing about, such as Raige, Ryot, Flip Rochester III, etc.?

Okay, you got us. We’re a bunch of writers on this list, and our characters become very real to us. Some names you hear floating around on the list are just our original fanfic characters manifesting. :^)