A Dying star

Davids thoughts on the revenge he took on star for attempting to kill his boys

Genre: Angst, Character Reflection, Drabble – Under 500 Words

Characters: David, Star

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Blood play, Character Death, Unspecified Warning

Notes: I donot own any of the sets characters. the belong to waner brothers and i am not makeing any money on this

Stats: Posted: 3 Aug 2009 | Chapters: 1 | Status: Complete | Word Count: 255 | Status: Complete | Length: <1k

A Dying star by Dark_Survior

Have you ever killed something? Do you want to? I have. It wasn’t an accident either. Not every one will be able to. Heck you probably couldn’t

I can. The smell of your blood awakens my senses. Your struggles are a loving embrace. The scream of terror coming from your throat is music to my ears, the sweetest melody could you sing to me.

Your pulse caressing my fangs makes me hard and the sweet taste of your blood makes me groan and think of your last kiss, as sweet as hearsay’s kisses. Your Dying breath breathes life to my long dead body.

Now you dead and gone, all I’ll do are laugh and toss your corpse into the moonlit waves. Your death will bring terror to the boardwalk tonight, through me. I can enjoy my life, your death to the full. Ravel in the infinity of my youth.

How can I be this cruel? Haven’t I got a heart? I am a heartless devil and a funeral is a snack and your hope and kindness disgusts me.

But I am empty though your blood still fills and cools in my dead body. A star shaped hole. My star. She ripped my heart out when she betrayed me. She went and fell for another guy and tried to kill me. I barely survived with my boys intact. Now my revenge has been took but I still die inside. My love for you was etenal yet you tried to kill me. Thanks for ripping out my heart.

Chapter End Notes: Just an odd thought that transpired to this.