A forum??

Kate, in my previous post, asked if we could have a forum over here at The Lost Cave. It’s something I was considering, but have never gone forwards with. I’ve had them before and found them to be nothing but trouble.

The problem with them is that they attract spam like nobody’s business. I would be willing to host a forum, but only if I had at least three volunteers to look after it. This would be a daily task. In my experience, there’s at least five new spambots joining the forums daily, and someone would have to make sure that they didn’t post. Things like that. Leave a comment (making sure you include your email) or email me, if you’re interested in the job.

If you don’t want to be a forum mod, but would be interested in there being forums at The Lost Cave, what would you want on there? What sort of topics would you like, what other forums are cool to you, etc.

Input, please!

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