A New Evil

Chapter Two: A New Home


Chapter Two: A New Home

Drake could not believe his luck. Who would have thought that old couple he killed would be rich, with a big house on top of the hill overlooking everything. Not him, that was for certain. Anyway this place would serve nicely. He could not bring Star to live in the warehouse, and now he had a house fit for a queen, and that’s what she would be… his queen. But now the sun was coming up and he needed his sleep. Tonight he would fix the windows, he didn’t mind one night of discomfort, when he would have a lifetime of nights in Star’s arms.


Star lay wrapped in David’s protective embrace and made circles on his chest. She had a blissful smile on her face; she had forgotten what it was like to make love to another vampire, and David had re- educated her many times of the course of three months. But still there was the nagging feeling that this new vampire caused in her, and for the life of her she could not fathom why he made her uneasy. Why did he want her, and what did the others think about this stranger who came into their lives?

Pushing away these thoughts she looked at David’s face. Oh how she loved him, and he loved her. They were lifemates, and they were happy, and at that moment she knew she could never leave him.

Sensing Star’s eyes on him, David looked down at the girl in his arms. He was still in shock that she came back to him, but he was happy. Of course he had missed her and mourned the loss of her love, but she was back and he would never let her go.

Then out of no where the stranger flashed in his mind; he wanted Star and that didn’t sit well with David and the others. They would protect her no matter what–of this he was certain.

Kissing the top of her head and then her lips he told her to sleep, and she did, still wrapped in David’s arms, feeling protected and loved.

Night fall came early and Paul was the first up, and being the jokester that he was walked quietly over to the four-poster bed and motioned for Star to move. As she stood next to Marko and Dwayne all had to hide the giggles that were coming forth. David would be livid for this, but he wouldn’t be too angry with Paul, because they were friends.

Pulling back the covers of the bed, Paul lay where Star was moments before, and placed David’s arm over him.

Suddenly knowing something as amiss, David opened his eyes to see Paul and hear from his friend a very seductive reply.

“Well David you stud, was it good for you? it was for me.”

Jumping from the bed David chased Paul around the cave as the others stood laughing. Catching Star around the waist David’s eyes mirrored her amusement and promised her retribution for being a part of the joke. Life was good for the vampire’s and the only dark point was this stranger who wanted star. David made her a vow she would come to no harm as long as the boys were around.

The Promise

Drake watched the group get off their motorcycles and found the fury growing. How could she love that boy, and not him?

She laughed and smiled at them all and all along casting scared glances over her shoulder.

Drake thought evilly to himself, “Oh my beauty, you have reason to be afraid but not for you, but the boys who walk with you.”

Looking at Star he placed the thought in her head that she would be his and time would take care of the rest.

Star was frantic. She got the message from the other vampire, and then couldn’t find him. Looking at the boys, she was glad they didn’t pick up on it, or there would be trouble. They have all grown very protective of her the last couple of months and she feared that would be the end of them.

Knowing she loved the carousel, Dwayne asked her to go with him for a ride on it. Nodding her head she followed her friend, but keeping an eye on her surroundings.

Dwayne could sense her fear and wanted to help her. And that’s when he noticed the stanger watching her from the shadows.

Drake was growing amused with the way things were turning out. Soon they would all know of his presence and leave the girl unprotected, which is the way he wanted it.

Smiling to himself, Drake left the alley and walked to the old woman selling flowers from a little cart. Picking a red rose he watched as his plan fell into place. The four boys were leaving the girl, and now was his chance to steal her away before they got back.

The boys knew something was not right; they could smell it in the air. But what was it? Marco was the first to pick up on it, and tell the others. They left Star by the ride and told her to run if anything should happen. All hoped she would listen.

Suddenly Paul noticed the smell; it made his blood sing, for it was a smell they all knew well. Walking into the alley they found the source of the bad feeling they had. Laying in front of them was a girl of about seventeen with her throat torn open and fresh blood still oozing out of the hole.

Standing around the body, Dwayne suddenly pitched forward, his head felt like lead, and knew Star was sending him a message. She was in trouble.

Grabbing the boys, they raced back to the carousel, but she was gone. Left behind was the necklace David gave her the night she finally turned. Picking up the jewlery, they went back to their bikes, Star the only thought in their heads, each hoping it wouldn’t be to late.