Update – Adoptions

Ok, it’s been a long time since I updated, but to be fair, there’s nothing that needed doing. My picture gallery is cleaned up and running beautifully, my fan fiction is going nowhere, and nobody has written anything that I’m archiving, so give me a break.

One thing that has changed is the Adoption page. It’s been taken down. As it’s my site, I can do what I like, but the reason it has been temporarily disabled is this:

  • I’m sick to death of being stalked by some nut bag called Amanda who constantly sends the same bloody form over and over again. It’s driving me up the wall.
  • I’m sick to death of people not putting email addresses and names down on the adoption forms, then emailing me only a few days later to complain about how long I’m taking to get the adoption done. Rudeness has put me off. So the page is coming down for a month or so until I get over my huff.

For those of you who submitted the form properly, patiently waited for me to make the adoptions and then sent me a thank you note once you had recieved the adoption, I’m truly sorry. Making the graphics for people like you was a pleasure, not a chore. For those of you who’ve driven me mad with your impatience, rudeness and general lack of mental health, I do not apologise.


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