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Who is Maria in the movie?

Maria is played by Kelly Jo Minter. The reason she appears in the ending credits, I think, is because she originally had a speaking part (she does in the book), but they cut a lot of scenes including “Maria’s” speaking part. You can spot her in a few scenes in the movie. One is at night, when the Lost Boys saunter into Max’s video store. Paul says, “We only come here to watch one thing,” and if you look quickly you can see Maria on the right side of the screen. She also appears in the scene where Lucy is calling Michael to ask him to stay with Sam while she goes out with Max. You can see Maria over Lucy’s shoulder, repeatedly looking at Lucy with a teasing smile on her face.

Sarah’s Addition: For a visual aid, see below (used to be a separate page):

Many of you have asked, “Who is Maria in the movie?” or “Who does Kelly Jo Minter play in The Lost Boys?”I have tried my best to answer your questions, but now I’ve decided a pictorial key will help more. :^)

Kelly Jo Minter is listed in the credits of The Lost Boys as Maria, but many of you have had a difficult time figuring out just where she comes in. Below are some pictures that will tell you exactly where Kelly Jo Minter makes her two appearances as Maria.

Her first appearance is when Lucy ambles into the video store to ask Max if the lost little boy’s mother is inside. As the Lost Boys round the corner, Paul says,

Maria in The Lost Boys

“We only came here to watch one thing” – Paul

On the right side of the screen, you’ll be able to spot Maria.

Maria in The Lost Boys

Marko watches intently

Her next appearance is when Lucy calls Michael from the video store to ask if he’ll stay home with Sam that night because she has a date with Max.

Maria in The Lost Boys

“I’d like to go, ok?” – Lucy

Behind Lucy, you can see Maria smiling teasingly at Lucy.

And there you have it. Mystery solved! I believe she must have had some speaking parts in the movie that they cut out for time, because Maria does speak in the novel. If you can find the Lost Boys novel, you’ll be able to read Maria’s “dialogue.” Keep an eye on online auctions such as eBay and Yahoo! The novel shows up there surprisingly often, for an out-of-print book.

I hope this was of service to you. Thanks for visiting the Lost Cave!

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