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Who is Kelly Jo Minter, and what else has she starred in?

Kelly Jo Minter played Maria in “The Lost Boys.” I’ve heard from several sources that a lot of material was cut out of the movie. So I’ll bet Kelly Jo Minter did have a speaking part. If you can get the Lost Boys novel, Maria does speak to Lucy a couple of times. Even the Frog Parents have speaking parts; they were probably cut out, too. You can see Kelly Jo Minter as Maria in at least two parts in the movie. One, when the Lost Boys come into Max’s video store, if you look at the right side of the screen when Paul says, “We only come in here to watch one thing.” She is standing behind the counter smiling at the Lost Boys. Two, when Lucy is on the phone asking Michael to stay home with Sam, you can see Maria over Lucy’s shoulder, smiling at Lucy. You can find out more about Kelly Jo Minter’s career at the IMDB. That’s the US address, but it should transport you to the address of your country.

Sarah’s Addition: Kelly Jo was also in Nightmare on Elm Street 5 as Yvonne.

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