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What is a Fencewalker?

Frosting, our Princess of Fencewalkers, has this to say:
Fencewalker -n. guardian vampires
Why? Not everyone has a Lost Cave for shelter. tolerance of slayers; can handle two hours in sun–-NO MORE; When undeads in cemetery are waking up and leaving to feed or play, the vault must look like NOTHING UNUSUAL happened. Well, further more…

  1. The greater the rank one has, the greater the responsibility!
  2. If it’s a full moon, a werewolf can come out around the graveyard. And that’s fine. Fencers won’t let someone around there kill it.
  3. Fencers can,for some strange reason, take 2 hours in light [NO more!]
  4. Full moon- good if 3 Walkers are watching…
  5. You know who the undeads in THAT graveyard are.
  6. MOST OBVIOUS – If you see a living person try to enter or try to enter a vault, make sure it’s NOT a caretaker before you––-DEAL with the threat at hand.
  7. Halloween- All undeads in graveyard need to be out and about until dawn…
  8. Don’t endanger the sleeping undeads. Don’t endanger vampires that are AWAKE up there either.

To become a Fencewalker, just ask Frosting on the list!

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