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If a vampire can’t come into your home unless it’s invited, how come The Lost Boys were able to enter Grandpa’s house before the big fight scene?

That’s a very interesting question. The only logical thing I can come up with is that when Michael opened the door in an earlier scene when the Lost Boys were circling the house on their motorcycles, that counted as an invitation into the house.

Sarah’s Addition: I always assumed that because Michael invited in Max, who was the Head Vampire, that the invitation extended to his boys – his blood would have been in their veins. Furthermore, from Max’s words, “Never invite a vampire into your home, you silly boy, it renders you powerless” you could take that to mean that uninvited vampires could enter, but would not pass any of the “tests” that Sam and the Frogs performed on Max. Since the Lost Boys weren’t trying to hide their vampire states, an invitation would not be something they particularly needed.

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