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stories are exactly the same, except I put Haunting up here first because... well I don't know why but the people here who would read/review it are the ones who chill out with me on the forum and I thought they'd like it better. I'll get around to putting it up on later, after I finish Lost Boys and Nerd Vampire.
Hello- I'm VinylVictory. David is my favorite Lost Boy and Kiefer Sutherland is one of my favorite actors .

Other than writing, I enjoy reading, film (horror, sci-fi, drama), painting (oils), drawing (with charcoal, preferably), and playing guitar (1993 Fender Stratocaster and an 1964 Vitali accoustic guitar I found in my father's closet. I restrung it, oiled the fretboard and body... it's sort of my baby 'cause I ressurected it). I like music... CDs and Vinyl too (which is where my name came from). My music taste is all over the place, Bauhaus, Deftones, Bright Eyes, Tricky, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Videodrone, Orgy, KoRn, Zombina & The Skeletones, I could go on and on but who cares? It's my CD collection, not yours.
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Stories by Vinyl
(Formerly Are You Goint To Kill Me?)
Evelyn meets David on a pier in San Francisco. She likes David but is perplexed by some of his strange behavior. After a date she can't remember, David and the Lost Boys return to Santa Carla and she follows. Insight into David's past. No Micheal or Star. PLEASE REVIEW!!! If no one reviews I think no one is reading! If no one is reading I don't feel motivated to take the time to publsih new chapters!
[Lost Boys, David] David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Mild Violence
Series: The Adventure Series
R • Completed: Yes • 25 chapter(s) • Published: 10 Aug 2006 • Updated: 12 Feb 2007 • Word Count: 41948 • Read Count: 14756 • Reviews: 5 • [Report This]

Sequel to The Adventures of Evelyn, David, and The new Lost Girls (formerly Are You Going To Kill Me?). David has a choice to make about what he is going to do with Evelyn. He has to decide whether to kill her or turn her. A young vampire, Cathy, who works at McDonalds gets involved with the boys. She isn't "cool" like The Lost Boys, but she takes a shine to Paul. Please read and review!
[Lost Boys] David, Dwayne, Marko, Max, OC: Female, Paul
Genres: Drama, Romance, Suspense
Pairing(s): David/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes, Mild Violence
Series: The Adventure Series
R • Completed: Yes • 11 chapter(s) • Published: 15 Mar 2007 • Updated: 27 Feb 2010 • Word Count: 29030 • Read Count: 5626 • Reviews: 10 • [Report This]

In 2006 three college kids move into the old ranch house near Santa Cruz. All the locals call it "The Emerson Place" because of the old man who lived there for so long, until he died. It was funny, how he went, apparently he got a heart attack, slammed on the break of his old car, flew out, and was impaled on his own fence post. It's a nice enough house, great for the deal they got. Those two boys aparently had been wanting to sell for a long time. The plumbing's a bit off and there's a funny smell in the fire place but it's alright. They keep finding weird things around, though. The Emerson Boys didn't take everything. They didn't want those horns, aparently. It's a nice place. . . sorta.
[Lost Boys] Alan Frog, David, Dwayne, Edgar Frog, Grandpa, Lucy Emerson, Marko, Max, Michael Emerson, OCs: Multiple, Paul, Sam Emerson, Star, Widow Jonhson
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Character Death, Mild Violence
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: No • 4 chapter(s) • Published: 08 Mar 2007 • Updated: 06 Jun 2007 • Word Count: 3279 • Read Count: 9901 • Reviews: 10 • [Report This]