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The Song Of Luthien [Contact] | Member
Real name: Catherine Crews
Member Since: 23 Oct 2009
Bio: Name: Catherine


Hair Color: Dark Auburn

Eye Color: Hazel

Fav. Books: Need; Harry Potter; Lord Of The Rings; Twilight; The Da Vinci Code; National Treasure: Family Gates Mysteries; Le Fantôme de l'Opéra; Jane Eyre; Inkheart

Fav. Authors: Carrie Jones; Stephenie Meyer; Edgar Allan Poe; Charlotte Bronte; J.K Rowling; J.R.R Tolkien; Cornelia Funke; Dan Brown

Fav. Movies: Lord Of The Rings; Twilight; Harry Potter; Pirates Of The Caribbean; National Treasure; Kung Fu Panda; Mamma Mia!; A Walk To Remeber; Titanic; Troy; The Odyssey (1997 version); Phantom Of The Opera (2004 version); Selena; The Patriot; Jane Eyre; Pride & Prejudice (2005 version); The Da Vinci Code; Angels & Demons; Flatliners; Lost Boys; Midnight Bayou

Fav. TV Shows: The Tudors; Total Drama Island; Chowder; Lost; TLC; Ace Of Cakes; Fringe (the MOST GREATEST SHOW in my view); Law & Order; Haunted History; Lie To Me; Charmed; House

Dream Occupation: writer, archaeologist, college professor

Fav. Plays: Phantom Of The Opera; West Side Story; Dracula; Wicked; Jekyll & Hyde

Fav. Stores: Hot Topic; American Eagle; J. Crew

Style: casual; indie

Cravings: Doughnuts; COFFEE!!;

Fav. Colors: silver; green; emerald; blood red; burgundy; sapphire; lilac; black; shell pink; white

Fav. Music: rock; punk; gothic metal; country; classical

Fav. Groups: Breaking Benjamin; Evanescence (definitely my biggest #1 favorite band); Within Temptation; T.a.t.u; Skillet; Paramore; Yellowcard; The Calling; My Chemical Romance; Nickelback, Aerosmith, 30 Seconds To Mars; The Maine; Snow Patrol; Three Days Grace; Muse; Portishead; Xandria; GooGoo Dolls; Iron & Wine; The Bleak; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; The Killers; The Fray

Fav. Male Singers + Composers: Josh Groban; Robert Pattinson (he actually sings!); Debussy; Beethoven; Elton John; Tim Mcgraw; David Cook; David Archuleta

Fav. Female Singers: Amy Lee; Avril Lavigne; Taylor Swift; Hayley Williams; Leona Lewis; Jordan Sparks

Fav. Actors: Kiefer Sutherland Paul Bettany; Cam Gigandet; Robert Pattinson; Steven Strait; Brad Pitt; Sean Bean; Gerard Butler; James Stewart; Eric Bana; Ewan Mcgreger; Johnny Depp; Viggo Mortenson; Christopher Lee; Jonathan Rhys-Meyers; Tim Roth; Gary Oldman

Fav. Actresses: Liv Tyler; Alexis Bledel; Rachel Lefevre; Natalie Dormer; Natalie Portman; Rose Burne; Bonnie Wright; Keira Knightley; Emma Watson; Emmy Rossum; Odette Yustman; Angelina Jolie

Fav. Songs To Sing & Scores: All I Need- Within Temptation; Love Story- Taylor Swift; Misery Business- Paramore; Diary Of Jane- Breaking Benjamin; Lacrymosa- Evanescence; Only Hope- Mandy Moore; Only One- Yellowcard; Clair de Lune- Debussy; Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven; Decode- Paramore; Leona- a song written by me about my grandmother who died of pancreatic cancer when I was really young;
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Stories by The Song Of Luthien
After moving to Santa Carla with her family, Ice Queen Celia Emerson finds herself familiarly drawn by David, but is afraid to be with him because of her past. David on the other hand is fascinated by her and can't resist talking to her and is determine to change her mind. Simple right? But Michael and the others won't allow it.
[Original Character, David, Lost Boys] David
Genres: Romance
Pairing(s): David/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: No • 2 chapter(s) • Published: 23 Oct 2009 • Updated: 25 Oct 2009 • Word Count: 3832 • Read Count: 3232 • Reviews: 5 • [Report This]