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Kellcool [Contact] | Member
Real name: Kell
Member Since: 07 Dec 2004
Bio: Blonde...need I say more?
MSN IM: MSN IM klb_cutie [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Gender: female
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Stories by Kellcool
Savannah is a new slayer, sent to Santa Carla to fight the forces of darkness. However, how will she cope when she finds that her new love interest is the very thing she has been sent to kill? And what happens when an even bigger foe opposes her and the boys? Marko/ OC

Set a few years after the series finale of Angel.

This story hasn't been up in a few years, and I have changed it- hopefully for the better! Character names and personalities may have been altered, and mistakes have hopefully all been corrected!
[Marko, Original Character] David, Dwayne, Marko, OC: Female, Paul
Genres: Crossover, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Pairing(s): Marko/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes, Blood play, Heavy Violence
Series: None
R • Completed: No • 4 chapter(s) • Published: 18 Jun 2012 • Updated: 16 Aug 2012 • Word Count: 16300 • Read Count: 2235 • Reviews: 3 • [Report This]

What happens when the past catches up with Marko, and it's not a friendly visit. I guess Max wasn't such a nice guy after all.
P.s I haven't written for about a year, so please be gentle, I may be a little rusty :)
[Lost Boys] David, Marko
Genres: General
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Blood play, Heavy Violence, Mild Violence
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: Yes • 2 chapter(s) • Published: 14 Sep 2006 • Updated: 14 Sep 2006 • Word Count: 4258 • Read Count: 3278 • Reviews: 1 • [Report This]