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sadie_leona [Contact] | Member
Real name: Sadie Berger
Member Since: 03 May 2009
Bio: Well, hello! You must be interested in who I am, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, yes? Please read on to learn more.

My name is Sadie L. Berger (you can probably guess my middle name XD) and I'm from Michigan, USA. Now, wherein Michigan may be a little tricky to explain. When most people think of Michigan, all they think of is the mitten part surrounded by the Lakes. HOWEVER, to those who are not well aquainted with a map, there is also an Upper Penninsula, which we refer to as the UP (pronounced YOU-PEA). In this section is where I live. Being a resident of the UP, I am called a Yooper. This word is much associated with the North version of Rednecks. This is simply not true. True, we do get a school holiday for the opening day of hunting season in November and most of us around here do have a lot of guns (by brother, 22, has a whole gun room, filled and filled with everything from bb-guns to top military-grade machine-gun things XD), but we do have indoor plumping and do not use gaslights (the reverse of these two statements, however, apply to hunting camp). I live about 10 minutes from Wisconsin in the southern most part of the UP. I do all of my shopping in Wisconsin, I was born there, I go there a few days out of the week, my father works there . . . . I find it strange that so many people cannot wrap their heads around the concept of stradling a state line. Anyway!

I'm currenly a senior in high school (only a few more days!) and I will be going to a community college called the University of Wisconsin at Marinette for two years until I transfer to Northern Michigan University (in Marquette, also in the UP). I will be going for (hopefully) a doctorate in English, as well as major/minor in library sciences and Holocaust history. I love to read, write, and knit. Yes, I am a complete and total nerd. I work at the local grocery store carrying out people's groceries for less-than-minimum wage and will probably be stuck there for quite a while.
MSN IM: MSN IM sberger5 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Gender: female
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