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TikTac [Contact] | Member
Real name: Hannah
Member Since: 17 Nov 2007
Bio: There's not much to say here, 'cept that I'm a girl, I go by Tikky and I may possibly write some stuff but I doubt it.
I prefer slash stories, and this is about the only place to find Lost Boys slash, so I figured I'd join.
Just a heads up, I hate reading fics about Mary Sues having gigantic orgies with our favorite vampire pack. It's just...degrading. To women in general(I can understand a more sexually inclined character, but seriously, does she have to be coming onto all four of the vampires every two sentences?) and to the movie.
David is my top favorite vampire ever X3 I think I annoy my friends when I talk about all the pretty vampires O.o;
Regardless, I may write some short stuff here and there.
Ooooh, and also, I'm a huge Stephen King fan, so if any of my writing resembles Stephen King's works, it is because that's where I pick up a lot of my writing style. I also pick up titles and such through his books. So far I've read Cujo, Pet Sematary, Christine, and Everything's Eventual.
I'm reading Carrie next. The only one I won't read is It because I'm afraid of clowns XD

Eh. Enough bio.
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