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Member Since: 22 Dec 2008
Bio: Hello! I am mostly a reader, reveiwer, rater, and I will make lots of challenges! I love to read.
Gender: female
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Challenges by Inmortal Luz De La Luna
Summary: Its been a few years Sam is 18-19 now, The lost boys are back because they didn't die, and Marko wants to make Sam his, with the help of a new male vampire they make a play for Sam. Center on Sam, Marko, and the new vampire. Both are dominant to Sam. You can have other pairings as well.
Categories: Lost Boys, Marko, Sam Emerson, Original Character Characters: Sam Emerson
Summary: Paul meets a tiger trainer when the circus comes to Santa Carla. Male or Female original character, doesn't matter.
Categories: Original Character, Lost Boys, Paul Characters: Paul
Summary: Marko is drunk and its close to dawn, he stumbles inside of a library. The female library asistant has stayed late to organize books and became distracted and fell asleep. Its sunday and neither of them have keys to get out. A relationship occurs.
Categories: Lost Boys, Marko, Original Character Characters: Marko
Summary: Dwayne has wondered off on his own and finds himself on the beach alone, or so he thinks. He finds a woman swimming at midnight and becomes interested. The woman can be a Selkie or just a normal woman. You choice.
Categories: Original Character, Lost Boys, Dwayne Characters: Dwayne
Summary: The boys become interested in a street singer who performs out front of Video Max one night. Has to have lyrics. Main original character must have relationship with at least two of the boys. Good detail.
Categories: Original Character, Lost Boys, David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul Characters: OC: Female