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Sarah [Contact] | Administrator
Real name: Sarah
Member Since: 22 Nov 2004
Bio: I hate bio boxes, I tend to panic. Well, what can I say. I own this site, I inherited it from Samantha, and worked my rear end off on it to make it my own, while retaining Sammy's charm.

I write, not particularly well, and seem to be best known for The Secret Diaries of The Lost Boys. I get asked to do the mortal's diaries, but never have because I can't seem to make them work.

Beta-reader: Yes
MSN IM: MSN IM thestalkycop
Gender: female
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Challenges by Sarah
Summary: The challenge is simple: Paul is in charge - the hows and whys are up to you, but Paul is in charge of the gang for at least a day (preferably a week), and I want to see how the rest of the vampires - especially cool, controlled David - handle it. The four Lost Boys have to be in it, other cannon characters (like Star and Laddie) are optional - please, no original characters.
Categories: Lost Boys Characters: David, Dwayne, Laddie, Marko, Paul, Star