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Slayer With Brown Eyes by XxCreeper24xX

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

-we stood there in silence! Complete silence that was so quiet it was absolutely deafening! It brought terrible ringing to both my ears, so close that I had to press my hands to each ear and close my eyes-and take a deep breath of the cool night-time air.

-I just wanted it to end! The horrible pain to end-and soon it did, as I dropped one hand at a time, and turned my head slightly to the side, and caught a glimpse of your over a shoulder: I raised a dark colored brow and listened to the mumbling words that came from your mouth. "I can't stay here, Sam-I have to get back...and so do you. We don't belong here."I turned my stare back upon the moonlite sky, that was high over the horizon, glistening across the smoothing ocean.


But there it was again. You were too slow, and it came back again! The furious, nail-biting-long-cracked- yellow-nails- scraping- down- a-chalk-board sound...the one that brought frozen chills down each little bone in my back.

-I snapped a terrifying look at you, and with-drew my stake!

Sam! I announced in a humble, but inraged voice...getting more of your attention that I bargained for.



.:Begining of FB:.{ The sun was shining bright and the hot-sun kissed bodies of all the beach-dwellers were swelling all over the whole boardwalk, right as two boys only the age of 18 came in tee's and shorts. The names', Sam Emerson and Edgar Frog. The two inseparable teens-who were trying to live their lives without worrying about the blood-suckers that hidden in the shadows of the humans of the day-time.

"So man...what's planned for today?"

the youngest one, with golden brown hair put an arm around the other, who had an expression that really didn't seem to have a care in the world.


The after noon was quickly becoming night, and the 'bad' boys went to the comic-store, which wasn't locked up yet. It barely struck Edgar that the store wasn't locked, they were too busy having a good time together, Sam in a white tank with a denim jacket, and those same geeky shorts, as for Edgar was in sandy colored jeans and nothing over that perfect-forming toned torso of his.

"So we wasted the whole day, just walkin' the boardwalk. I am bored, man."Sam twisted his lips into a quirky, crooked smile, that was practically a smirk, backing Edgar slowly into a comic-shelf who was so struck by the boy's beauty, he barely seemed to understand what was going on.

-closer and closer Sam got, his blue eyes shining in Edgar's and those pink bubble-gum lips, and sweet-sweet caramel freckles dotted every where grabbing every tiny piece of his attention...leaving none left behind. "S-sorry...what-what are you...the dark haired teen tried to step back, but realized that he was already back enough, with the bareness of his back against new-clean-well ordered comics and Sam's well built arms on each side of him...} .:End of FB:.



-we both stood there, but you were so close to me, as if that same day came back to us, and the coldness of your breath, brushing up against the pit of my neck, as gentle fingers came to find your dark sunglasses and took them off. I shut my eyes, closing them so tight, so very tight, I could eventually see nothing...nothing. Not even the darkness...just plain nothing!


-"Are you...afraid?"you brought your lips closer when I felt your breath against an ear, but didn't dare open my eyes, holding tighter and tighter to the wooden stake that shook in a hand.

-I didn't respond to your intimate question, not when you stood this close to me, your ringed hands at your sides, when I peeked open an eye, and then let them fully open to the world around me. Around us.


Without thinking, I tensed up my whole body, gritted my teeth, and gave you the hardest shove I could ever give you. I hated myself for doing it, I really did.

"Stay away from me. You blood-sucker! Away!"I spat at you as you sat there on your ass in the sand, and tossed your sunglasses at you, forcing myself to leave...but I couldn't stay away for!
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