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Blue Eyes and Brown Freckles: Blood Lust! by XxCreeper24xX

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended
{Bloody Encounter!}

Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson


I blinked my eyes a few times before I actually let them stay open for good. I did see her, and she was smiling. What was she smiling about?

I sat up, and realized that I was wearing white. I was in a white bed...that can only mean one thing. I was at the hospital. But why me? Shouldn't it be my mom...she was the one who was bitten.

I looked around the clean room and found Mike.

He was dressed in black, sitting in the corner, with the collar of his jacket flicked up.

-they both noticed me figiting in my skin, trying hard not to make any movement..."Honey. Are you okay?"mom asked, putting her cold hand over my hand that seemed way warmer than hers.


"Yes he is okay Ma'. Just leave the kid alone."Mike stood up from his little chair in the corner, and walked over to me.

but something about him was very strange.


He got close to me, and put a hand over my forehead:

-his blue eyes scanned over me a few times and that is when I knew that he wasn't himself; that smile was the clue.

It wasn't Michael's smile...



When we returned home, mom wasn't the same either. She was a bit too happy than she usually is...and a little less protective.


I still don't believe that Michael was still a vampire, if Max was dead! It didn't make any sense at all...Grandpa still let us live with him, but the house was under a lot of construction due to the fact that half the house was torn because of Grandpa running his car through it like a mad-man.

I just want Michael back...

Later that night,

"Where are you going Sam?" Michael caught sight of me, as I scooted from the table, and froze as he had spoken to me.

I looked around nerviously when I gave him a slight smile.

"I am going to do dishes tonight. So you and mom can take a little break, ya' know?" I shrugged my shoulders taking my plate and Michael's plate and stepped into the other room, finally away from him. "Huh..."I let out a sigh of relief and leaned against the fridge.

"Leave me alone!" she screamed as her hand came in hard contact with his cheek, and she was off. But she hadn't gotten too far.

He leaped into the air, and began to fly like those crazy vamps. His face morphed into his true form and claws ripped through his fingers like Wolverine..."Gotcha'!"he put strong arms around her waist, and pulled her close, landing back onto the ground, where he dropped her and she did a few rolls.

The moon shone on his fangs as he smiled, causing them to glow in the darkness of the night. "H-how is this died!"startled Star got to her feet once again, breathing heavy staring deeply into the golden eyes of her once deceased lover.


The blond whiskered vamp smiled with an evil snicker.

"Oh know what I want."he came towards her and all that was heard aloud was her screams...

I tried to forget the fact that my own mom was now one of the the 'Creatures of the Night'...I had to call Edgar.


"Damnit! Pick up the phone Edg-Sammy? Hey little bro." It was Michael. He appeared right in my room with a cold breeze to go along with his vampire-ness.

I dropped the phone, and put the covers over me as high to my chin as I could. "What?" I spoke back, hoping he would just leave.


"I was wondering. Maybe you and I can go out around town. Like bros."he put his hand on my left shoulder and I brushed him off. "I don't know..."I gave him a weird look, as he lay himself fully over my bed beside me, putting his arms behind his head for support.

His face turned to mine...I could smell his cologne he was so close.

"Why little bro. Afraid I might BITE you?" he smiled, as he squeezed his fingers tightly around my arms that begged for air. "I won't. I would never forgive myself if I would ever bite you. Your my little brother and I need you..."he told me in a soft voice, while strangely cuddling close to me.


"Um...Mikey I think this isn't a good time. I have to get my sleep..."I tried to get him to listen to me instead of trying to sink his teeth into me.

"Nah...just let me-have a taste!"

that is when I did anything I could to defend what was left of my family in this house. ME!

"Get away! I have a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it!"

I stood on my bed barefoot, as Mike stood tall too, smacking the thing from my hand. "Why oh why sammy. I need you. You need me..."his eyes suddenly turned golden like they have before, and his fangs stuck out like two white pearls.


"See ya!"I jumped from my bed, and rushed out of the bedroom-but what caught me...scared me! "Hey now. Don't be so cruel to your big bad brother." when I turned around to surely see Michael's face, I saw a different face.



It wasn't really Michael the whole time. It was that punk Vampire David...who had given my brother his own blood.

"Where is Michael?"

I jerked beneath his tight grasp, watching his claws extend slowly from his fingers.

He smiled with a loud laughter behind: "Oh he is with your mom...they are both enjoying the Exotic taste of fresh Red Wine..."he glared at me, bringing his claws closer to my skin.


"Let me go!"

I pulled out from his grasp, but it was painfull! I took a hard falling, holding my hand in pain, actually realizing the tiny stitches that held the middle of my palm together.

I tried to keep my blood from spilling out, but it did anyway.

"Mh? What's this?"David gotten closer, and pulled me up by my hair, pinning me to the wall. It was the blood he was after...I looked up from my injury at him, and got him right between the eyes with my fist.


He was stunned a few seconds, but that was it.


he managed to still have a hold of me, and slammed the door shut once he knew he had me where he wanted me.


"Tell me something, kid?" he began, watching me from across the room. I huffed! "What?"he sat down on the edge of my bed, removing his black leather jacket..."Is this what your brother Michael looks like?"

I turned to him, and all of a sudden with a quick flash of his built chest, he was a mirror image of Michael for real! So it really was David when I thought that it was Michael. I felt terrible..."Get away!" I headed for the closet, but he appeared before me in a flash. "What? You don't like your big brother?"he drug his face close to mine, I barely had any room to let myself back away.


I turned my face to the side, and he smiled turning it back.

"What are you afraid of? Is it me...oh look at me Sammy. I am a big wimp..."he shone those blue eyes in my face, as I had trouble keeping my mind on the fact that it was David not Michael. I still held my bleeding hand, that had began to drip on the carpet...

"Let me take care of that."

he took my hand roughly into his own, and pressed the palm to his lips. The close feeling sent chills down my eyes closed in that small split second, feeling his wet lips over-come the heavy amount of blood that continued to pour.

"S-Stop..."I begged him, but it was like he wanted me to beg him-

"I don't think I will..."he continued to taste me, when his tongue darted out, and dug beneath the stitches, licking the fresh pink flesh underneath all the blood.

"Damn! That stings!" I cursed loudly, letting my head fall back against the closet door, hoping this will end soon!

"Sam...oh Sammie."

I slowly opened my was nothing but clouds at first, but then I finally caught something. David! and darkness...

his pale ringed hand fell upon my forehead, as I could still feel the burning sensation that he gave me from my hand that began to throb and pulse beneath the open skin.


I tried to see what was around me, but I was too tired to even do I rested my head back down and dozed off!

Chapter End Notes:
E/N: David and cute!
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