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Blue Eyes and Brown Freckles: Blood Lust! by XxCreeper24xX

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Santa Carla, California;

Sam Emerson

I fell fast asleep that night. I pretty much forgotten all about my older bro Michael being a 'Blood-Sucking' Vamp and all-so I crashed!


I soon opened up my eyes, to find nothing but the darkness wrapped around me. I kind of freaked out-but it wasn't bad. I stepped out of bed, rubbing my head as I thought about what strange shape my hair must be in...'Shoot!'

I knew the only way to find out was down the hallway, into the complete blackness! I closed my eyes for a few seconds and swallowed allowing myself to take in the right amount of air and rushed straight across, making my way into the bathroom FINALLY!



-I jumped after he came crashing into me, and I tumbled to the floor as his warm wet tongue began to lick my face.

-laughs were so loud I bet they would have woken mom and Michael up...but I stopped as fast as they came just in case. Holding Nanook close to me.

My heart beating fast, my body so tense I began to shake.

Nanook began to whimper with small growls, which gave me some sort of idea that Michael was near. "...Michael?"I spoke out into the darkness that stared me in the face, with my butt still on the floor.


-he jumped right out from behind me, as Nanook attacked him!

I yelled for him to stop, but he wouldn't. "S-Sam...get-ugh! Get the me!SAM!"he shouted so loud I had no choice...I scrambled to my feet, and on my way up, with my hand on the sink, I cut it against a razor that was always up there for Michael.

"Ow...why do you keep those there!"I took my hand and looked down at it, with the big bloody puncture that lay on the palm of my hand...

...I wouldn't dare of tasting it! Just looking at it gushing out like that, and the feeling of it was disgusting! It made my stomach turn wildly like the spin of a washer...


After getting back to reality, there was a stumbling down the stairs, and I stepped from the bathroom, and flicked on the light...Michael was laying at the bottom of the steps, unaware of me staring down at him.


I ran as fast as I could down the stairs, and mom came out just when I appeared! "MOM!"

I backed up quickly from barely conscience Michael..and that's when she bent down to see what was wrong and she was ATTACKED! Blood flew against the wall, that she was pushed up against, her mouth agape with nothing but moans and cries slipping out in no-breaths at all!

Nanook went in an uncontrollable barking rage and I fell over my own two feet, trying to find my way up the steps...

"!" I stuttered to myself in small whispers, as Michael let go of mom and realized what had happend! He looked at her...her tears, the blood that came pouring from her neck with a massive chuck of skin missing...he let her fall to her butt, and I watched!

-he turned back to me with eyes so yellow and golden and teeth so large and covered in blood..."No...please. Don't hurt me! GET BACK!"

I pulled out a cross from my back pocket, and shoved it before me, turning my face.


He growled in pain, when I noticed smoke fumeing from him..."Sam..STOP! PLEASE AHh!"he screamed in terrible pain, I had to put it down.

he finally removed his arms from his face that he was trying to hide from the cross and touched mom's hand. The hunger for blood finally left Mike. His eyes were blue again but his teeth were still covered in blood...I was still shaken! Every step he made, I went up a step...



he looked at his hands that were covered in mom's blood-I looked at him, trying to catch words to say, but nothing came out!

Nanook continued his barking spree, until I knew I was fully aware of what was happening!
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