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Ecstasy of Betrayal by Neverletrocknrolldie

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Author's Chapter Notes:
A/N: There are mature themes in this story so you’ve been warned.
The arousing salty smell of the ocean was only the underlying scent of something much more commanding. This delicious perfume was demanding my attention now. It was overtaking my mind, reason and my body with its scrumptious scent.
My tongue ran over the container which held this appetizing liquid, her skin was warm and salty with the taste of the ocean. My hand slowly trailed down to her nether regions, causing the tanned beauty to gasp. My mouth traveled to her perfect breast, tasting her flesh, the ocean, the sun.
Her breathing increased rapidly as she neared her climax, her moaning became heavier. The scent of her arousal became all too apparent, her dark skin breaking out in a light sweat.
The Spanish splendour let out a scream as she reached her climax, her body convulsing and contracting. Now was my moment. Her screams grew louder when my fangs pierced the warm, sun kissed flesh of her neck. I didn’t bother muffling them, any passer by would only think of it as two lovers in the sand. I was too far gone now anyway to care. With her warm blood spilling over my tongue my own body changed. Gone were the cold pale cheeks of moments ago, replaced with warmth and a blushing tone. My fingers tingling as the magic inside me was once again restored, restored with the use of the Spanish girl’s life blood.
I drank until the girl was lifeless and limp until I was full and alive. I stood up to get a good view of her dead naked body.
Funny thing death is, the way it changes you. The girl no longer smelled like the ocean, no. Instead she smelled like just another rotting corps, piled along with the others. Her deep brown skin, which only moments ago had been warm and soft was now cold and hard, a stark contrast. Those lovely doe eyes now glazed over a milky sheen spreading.
Picking her up, I placed a small kiss of the dead girl’s forehead.
“Thank you for the lovely time Maria, too bad it couldn’t last.” My voice a soft whisper caught on the breeze and was lifted away. Even if she were still alive the girl wouldn’t be able to hear me, no human would.
Maria’s body was tossed in the fire, riding the existence of her to the world, and riding her body of me.
Looking down at my own naked form I realized I needed to rid my body of the blood stains. Dried blood was never very comfortable to the touch. The ocean would have to do for a quick bathe. I waded in till I was up to my breasts before finally diving in the cold water, what a difference! The feeling of the cold salty water sent a shiver down my spine, what a difference from the cold on cold. The water felt breathtaking, lapping at my neck, massaging my every limb and pore. I just wanted to wade in this water forever, but my family would be waiting for me. I promised them I’d be home, and you never break a promise to the ones who took you in, your family.
Once I emerged from the ocean I began the search for my own clothes, they were scattered in various places. My bra and t-shirt were tangled, only a few paces from where my own and Maria’s body had come together in a sweet bliss. My leathers were farther away with my jacket. I dressed in silence remembering the wonderful moments I had spent with Maria. She really seemed like a sweet girl, working as a cashier in a video store. Sorry Maria I guess you just should not have been working that night. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sounds of whoops, yells and singing brought me out of my daze. The night had only just begun, and already there was a group of partiers on the other edge of the beach, blasting the latest rock n roll band Guns n Roses and dancing around a fire.Entertainment here was not hard to find in this town. Looking at the moon I took in the smell of the ocean, of the partiers, of the pure life.
I think I and my family are going to like Santa Carla.
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