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After Taste by autumn lyrical

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To many I may seem like just a little boy. Someone to be protected, coddled, wrapped in cotton wool and hidden from the world itself. I, the smallest of them all, the pale skinned youth. The sidekick of an unholy demon of the night. They were my brothers. My family. My hope and my dreams written all into one. I loved them even more than I think I even knew.

My name is Laddie Thompson. And this slick and bitter after taste in my mouth is all that's left after the final battle. I know that they believe that I have no mind of my own, that I simply follow like a little lost puppy. But I am a true Lost Boy.

The tanned skinned protector, Dwayne, was the one I was closest to. Although he never said a word I knew that he was there for me. Helped me…when the nightmares came. Used to come through from the cave and curl up with me till I went back to sleep. Ironic isn't it? He gave me the ragged bear that I hold in my arms now.

Don't think me stupid. I know more than I let on. Star was like a big sister to me, but I never told her. Only Dwayne and Paul knew…I was closest to them. David was the leader…he seemed distant. And Marko was usually off on an errand that David sent him on.

You see, I loved them deeply. Familial love, of course. And so much time spent around Dwayne has made me seem older than I am. And now they're gone. Dead for good. And I hate them for leaving me here alone. So I have Star, so what? I want my brothers back, I want to go back with them, leave Star behind. She always was a pitiful Wendy Darling. She didn't fit into the role well enough.

I bet you're all wondering why I'm telling you this. Simple really, I've had enough. I endured their screams and for what? To be cast aside like the child I appear to be? Paul saved us, me and Star, from those Frogg Brothers. They were going to kill us…and he stepped out and saved us. Paul always was closest to Star, always tried to cheer her up whenever she got sad. Doesn't that mean anything to her? That he saved us from death and died himself? Doesn't it haunt her thoughts?

It haunts mine. And he stands there, and he's comforting me, saying that everything will be all right. And then the perspective shifts and he's screaming, blood everywhere, the holy water burning away at flesh, blood and organs leaving a skeleton behind. A skeletal jaw held in an eternal scream of pain.

And Dwayne, blown to pieces by the stereo…his eyes so glazed and lacking the emotion that always lingered there. I can feel bile rise in my throat…and I can see the black and leather clad David impaled on horns. I wretch and put on a brave face for them as the smoke clears, Max's body impaled and destroyed.

I make sure that a smile is plastered to my lips, an expression of exuberance and joy on my face as I run down the stairs towards Star. I make sure my voice is relieved. I hide behind this fašade and hope that no-one will notice.

Not notice the lack of a glimmer in my eyes. Nor the downturn to my lips. Only I do, and this bitter after taste is all I have left.
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