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Real Family by DavidsGirl1243

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They entered the boardwalk. Everyone stared at them, with fear and a look saying, 'I wish I was them...'
Dwayne, Marko and David speed on to the boardwalk, not stopping for anyone or waiting for anyone to move.

They parked in their famous spot out side the carousel. It was always quiet around there and no one dared to park there. The last time someone did their bike looked totaled. Broken, beaten, smashed eggs and cotton candy.

David, Dwayne and Marko. It was like that for 20 years now... Max found David, turned him. David found Marko and Dwayne, turned them. They wanted this. It was a gift not a hell.

David, Dwayne and Marko got off their bikes and walked over into Maxs' Video Store. Max was their alpha,alpha. David looked after the boys, their alpha.

Max grew tired of them always coming in here. Flirting with Maria, knocking down videos and sending away customers. "Boys. What do I owe the pleasure?" Max said in a bitter and sarcastic tone. "We just like giving you the honor of seeing us.." Marko said smiling the other boys laughed. "I told you to not come in here anymore..." Max said staring coldly at them. "Whatever man..." David said with a smirk. He lead the boys out. "Maria, can you clean up the videos the boys dropped?" Max asked Maria who was peacefully reading a magazine. "Sure. Why do they always come in here? It's not like it is wild in here." Maria replied picking up the videos and putting them in they're rightful place. "Who would no. Just wild kids...." Max said staring at their last remaining figures walking into the rides and fun area."

Paul and Jess entered the boardwalk. They visted when ever they had a chance or when ever they weren't getting abused or hit.

Girls would look at Paul and boys would look at Jess.

"How can they be related, they are both to beautiful. But are just not cool?" Shelly asked, sounding dumb. "Shelly, I'm your boy. If I see you hanging with any of them again... I swear." Greg said not only to Shelly but to the rest of his little gang.

They were known as the Surf Nazis. A little gang that everyone found fearless and stupid. They were'nt cool. And they were'nt even noticed.

David, Dwayne and Marko, they ruled the Boardwalk. Nothing could stop them. They were reckless and fearless. Everyone wanted to be like them, everyone wanted to be one of them. But they never were. Girls melted when they were near and far. They were the real deal. The Surf Nazis, they were nothing.

Paul and Jess parked across from the carousel. "Were do we put the bags?" Jess asked Paul getting of the bike. "They might fit under my seat. Check it out!" Paul said lifting the seat up and fitting both they're bags under the seat. "And your saying your not smart?" Jess said to Paul laughing. "Comes naturally I guess. Now, I'm starved. Lets go find something to eat girl." Paul said picking her up and putting her over one shoulder. "Paul.... put me down!" Yelled Jess, kicking and hitting him. "Ah, chill out girl...." Paul said laughing and placing her gently on her feet. Jess just smiled and punched his arm playfully.

They were pretty popular on the Boardwalk as well. The troublesm brother and sister. The security guard watched them closely.

Whenever Paul and Jess came to the Boardwalk, trouble would follow their path. Kids would be terrorized, minors complained and mothers would always complain about them terrorizing their children on rides.

David, Dwayne and Marko would always look at them. They wanted them to be one of them. A vampire. They could sense they were more than just your average human. David would tell Max about them. He was also thinking and looking at them. The two were very different. Max just couldn't put his finger on what made them different.

Jess and Paul were walking around the Boardwalk. Eating cotton candy, fries, hot dogs. They were very similar to eachother and it doesn't take a genius to know they were brother and sister.

"Hey Paul." Jess said throwing away the napkin of a eaten hot dog. "Fwhaht?" Paul replied, stuffing the remainder of a hot dog in his mouth. Jess laughed. "Wanna go into the video store and find the dumbest movies and put them into to peoples bags? Make it look like they are stealing?" Jess said looking over at Max's Video store with an evil smirk on her face. "Jess, your one evil girl. Thank the devil your my sister!" Paul said putting his arm brotherly above her shoudlers. "Ha, thank the devil you taught me this shit!" Jess replied laughing, leading him to the store.

They walked in and people tried not to look at them. For they knew that they would be Jess and Paul's torment.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Max asked Jess with a warm and welcoming smile. It had been awhile since any fatherly figure had said those words and smiled that warmly. Paul was to busy flirting with Maria so it was just Jess and the new man she had met. "Um, well...uh.." Jess fumbled, embarassed and some what nervous around the guy. This was a first. "Are you ok? I'm not going to bite or hurt you.... Just trying to be your friend." Max said with a hearty laugh and smile. Jess smiled and laughed a bit back."Sorry about that man. Just been awhile since anyone has been that welcoming or nice to me, or us" Jess said with an angelic smile. "It's ok. I've seen you and your brother around. But it has been awhile." Max said, still smiling. "Yeah, family problems, but were away from it now. I'm Jess and..." "I'm Paul..." Paul interupted with a smile. "Nice to meet you two." Max said shaking both they're hands. "Paul this is Max. He is a pretty funny guy." Jess told Paul. Paul had a smile on his face. Max could sense that the two of them had just run away from home. They had bubbly personalities and weren't the type to follow the rules... But he liked them both. They were full of life and what ever beat them down, they would make it dissapear.

'David, get here now. Jess and Paul are here, those two kids you were talking about.' Max sent a message out to David. 'Were just around the corner.' David sent back

"You've got a sweet place, man!" Paul said to Max with a smile. They knew that they couldn't do the shit the planned now. "Why thankyou Paul, that is a real nice compliment." Max laughed heartly.

Dwayne, David and Marko entered. "Ah, perfect timing. Paul and Jessica this is ; Dwayne, David and Marko. They are my boys. They aren't mine ofcourse, but they are family and son's to me." Max introduced. "Hey. It is really cool to finally meet you two.." Marko said smiling and putting his hands on eachothers shoulders in a friendly welcome. "Hey man, could say the same thing." Paul replied smiling and laughing. "What he said." Jess said laughing. "Hey, it's nice to meet you two. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time." David said smiling and a friendly laugh. Dwayne and Marko looked at David. "Ha, it is rare to hear or see David say that to anyone! I'm Dwayne by the way..." Dwayne said patting them both on the back. "Ha, hopefully we will get to see it more often..." Jess replied looking at Dwayne, Marko and David. She was mainly looking at Dwayne and Dwayne was looking at her.

"I'm glad you guys have met eachother. I have to get back to work, David should help you guys out. It was a pleasure meeting you two. See you around." Max said walking off.

"He seems like a pretty cool guy." Jess said to the boys. "Yeah, real chilled out..." Paul also said. "Should of seen him early, he was pissed at us.." Marko replied. "Well we would of pissed him off more, if we didn't know him..." Jess said while looking up at Paul. "No offence chica but Marko, your not the shortest in the group anymore..." David joked. They all laughed including Jess. "Better than being a giant." She replied back. "David, we got us two winners on out hands..." Dwayne said smiling at Paul and Jess. "Thanks man, is there anything we can do around this place, if you know what I mean..." Paul asked Marko with an evil smile. "Ohhh Yeahhh. We got us the Surf Nazis in for a suprise. Gonna get em' reall bad...." Marko said returning an evil smile. "But first we got our selves some tourists, kids and minors too annoy." David replied also looking at Jess.

This was a first for Dwayne, David and Marko. It has been awhile since they have gotten two more recruits. They were very relaxed and didn't care what anyone thought. And if they did, they would fight. They were different and David was going to discover it.

"So are we gonna go or let Greg get to them first?" Jess asked. "You know the Surf Nazis and Greg?" Dwayne asked with a puzzled but a smile on his face. "Yeah, me and his girl got into a fight, like a fight, fight.... Paul was leading her on. Greg noticed, I had a go at Greg, Shelly had a go back, I punched her and so on..." Jess smiled. "I DEFFINANTLY like these two!" Marko yelled. David lead them outside and in a group they walked.

People noticed that Paul and Jess were with the others now.

"Where you parked?" Marko asked Paul. "Across the carousel and 3 bad-ass looking bikes!" Paul said. He didn't walk he bounced.... "Ah you got good taste in bikes" David asked smiling. "Yeah man, the bike fits the man! And also Jess helped me pick out mine. I taught her well!" Paul said ruffling her hair... "You teaching me? HA" Jess replied. The boys laughed.

This was going to be fun.....
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you guys are liking it.....

reviews would be cool man....
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