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Real Family by DavidsGirl1243

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is another series I have started after awhile........
please be patient as i'm trying to make this work

thanks guys
Paul and Jess were sitting in Paul’s room listening to Guns ‘n’ Roses on Paul’s rock box. “Man, I seriously want to leave this dump....” Jess said standing up. She has blonde hair like Pauls and the same style but not done up like Paul. It was done past her shoulders. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a black tank top tank top and a leather jacket. She was slim and short, bout 5/3. Paul has blonde hair it is long, 8cm past his shoulders. It was done up the front and then freely let down at the back. He was tall and muscled, bout 6/5. He was wearing a fishnet tank top, skin tight white jodpers and tuxedo jacket.
“Yeah, girl I know. Where should we go and when should we?” Paul said turning off the rock box. “The Boardwalk or live near it. Better than this place. And when he is passed out or not abusing us? Which is ahh now?” Jess said going into her room and getting her duffle bag of already packed stuff. “How the fuck did you pack so quickly?” Paul said with a puzzled look on his face. “You’re such a dickhead, haha; I’ve had this baby packed for ages. I open it if I want to wear the clothes or put shit into it. Smart ha?” Jess said smiling and dumping the bag on Paul’s bed. “Man, why couldn’t I be the smart one?” Paul said laughing. “Comes naturally I guess big bro. Now hurry up we have half n hour till the old fuck wakes up and starts abusing us...” Jess said with a smile looking at her watch. Paul got out his bag. He put in some cloths, underwear, essentials and his rock box. “Are you ready?” Jess said sitting on the window sill. “Yeah sis” Paul replied with a smile. Jess threw her bag on to the ground. Wasn’t too far to jump so she jumped and landed softly on her feet. “Paul, throw your bag and jump” Jess said in a quiet yell. “Do I have to throw my bag? My rock box is in there...” Paul questioned holding his bag to his chest. Jess rolled her eyes. “Drop it down lightly to me dude.” Paul dropped it slowly down, Jess caught it. When Paul saw that he jumped and landed on his feet. “Ok girl, let’s go.” Paul said walking to his bike. “Where do we put our stuff?” Jess asked before getting on. “Uh....we hold on to them?” Paul replied putting the keys into the bike. “Oh, ok.” Paul helped her on grabbing each other’s wrists. “You on sis?” Paul asked laughing, kick starting the bike. “Yeah, man let’s go!” She replied laughing. Paul revved the bike before speeding off from the dark and into the noise and bright lights off the Santa Carla boardwalk.
Jess looked back at their place they once called ‘Hell’. Jess joined in with Pauls Woo’s and hollering while thinking ‘WERE FREE!’
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you guys like it...... reviews would be hot!
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