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alan's feed by crimsonredeye

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Alan turned around quickly too see to his amassment Edgar was standing right in front of him dripping with sweat and panting heavily “hah hah Alan hah hah there you are I’ve been looking for you hah hah every were hah hah” panted edgar as he begun to stand up right and cachet his breath.

“Why did you run back there, You need to feed soon if you don’t you’ll die”. Shouted edger quietly as he could.
“Yeah I know but I can’t feed when some one is there watching me” said Alan crossing his arms and turning back the way he was about to go.

“It doesn’t feel right” muttered Alan looking slightly over his shoulder, Alan eyes had not one bit of emotion in them, edgar startled by his brothers look he took a little step back.

Alan laughed a little at his brother reaction.
“I’m going to feed now so don’t you dare follow me, understand” said Alan hissing at the part ‘don’t you dare follow me’.

“Alan!” shouted edger running up to Alan and puling him close’ “if you need to feed and won’t when some one is watching then” said edgar in a stern voice holding Alan even closer “then drink mine” whispered edgar softly in Alan’s ear.

Being this close to the neck of the one he has been wonting to feed from for so long made Alan’s hart beat so fast he couldn’t bare it any more.
His eyes changed from the bark brown eyes of a human to the crimson red eyes of a monster, his fangs growing longer and longer and then with a thick on a second fangs bard into edgar’s beautiful light skin neck.

A rush of pleasure ran down both of them. One felt the pleasure from the warm fangs digging beeper in ones neck and one felt the pleasure from the warm blood covering the inside of ones mouth and rushing down ones throat.

It has been a minuets sins Alan started to feed from edgar. a piercing pain ran up Alan’s body to his back it was getting wears as he carried on feeding he had to stop but edgar wouldn’t let him run from this.

Alan ripped his fangs from edgar’s neck trying to pull away from edger’s grip.

“it’s going to be ok Alan you can trust me I promise” whispered edgar in Alan's ear.

Holding Alan closer to his chest. Edgar could feel the coldness of Alan’s body there was no hart beat ether it was gone not one sound only Alan’s chest going up and down as he breathed heavily from the pain.

Tips of a kind of horn started to broke throw the cloths on Alan’s back, Alan’s voice sounded like he was under water. it was getting wears the horns changed into tow wing like shapes that were fooled up together close to Alan’s body they were covered in body liquids and blood dripping on to the ground.

Edgar pulled back a bit to see his brother crying. Alan’s eyes were flicking from dark brown to crimson red, the emotions in his eyes were mixed with pain, fear and pleasure.

The wing shapes flow wide open and spreaded out as far as they could they look just like a bats wings but were bright red under all that blood and liquid.

Alan cried out at the pain, lights from the houses turned on at the sound, people ran out of their homes to see the horrific site of blood splattered all down the street some people ran too see if Alan and edgar were ok and some called for the police and an ambulance.

When Alan and edgar soar the people running towards them edgar picked up Alan trying not to touch the wings and ran a fast as he could to get away from the worrying people.
Chapter End Notes:
soz i'm now at this so it's not to good i'm so sorry please be honest and tell me what you think
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