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Famiy Of My Own by queenbrooklyn67

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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own the lost boys movie.

Santa Carla didn’t look as crazy as it use to be. People forgot the nickname “Murder Capital of the World” and the locals weren’t as freaky. But deep down it was still the Murder Capital of the World, the locals were just getting murdered more discreetly. The locals that didn’t die off were oblivious to their surroundings. They would never realize the war zone they were living on. 21 years ago, the war was between vampires and humans or more specially The Lost Boys and The Chow. The Lost Boys never had anything to fear. They knew their food could never beat them, but we were wrong. We never thought the humans, would become aware of us and fight back. They became Hunters and started an attack, killing my youngest brother Marko. Seeking vengeance we went after them and planned an attack to avenge our dear brother. But the Hunters teamed up with The Emerson’s, my former family members. They killed my other two brothers Paul and Dwayne. Paul the most alive out of all of us got his flesh burned off him by holy water. And Dwayne, my silent knight exploded from electricity. My former family even killed my father, Max. But not my mate David, they would never be strong enough to kill him. It appeared to the human eye that he was done for, but vampires have hasty healing abilities. He was poorly wounded and had to spend a month resting and being spoon fed blood. For that month we were resting in our old abandon home. It was badly burned and looked like no life existed there. And technically speaking, no life was there. The place was burned down because a fire started, which was caused by me. David wasn’t annoyed that I burned down our former home. He said it was normal (vampire normal of course) I acted like that. He even thanked me for burning it down. He said that it might have been the only thing that kept the Frog brothers and the Emerson’s at bay. It “gave the illusion that we left Santa Carla” but we would never leave. 

            David is always thinking ahead now. After losing his brothers, he stopped living for the moment. It was heartbreaking seeing him this way; a part of me knew he would never be the same again. But lovers are suppose to support one another and make them happy. Which I do by killing, sex, and saying how were gonna dismember the Frog brothers and the Emerson’s piece by piece.

After that month we found an abandon church and fixed it up, it’s been our home ever since. After David was completely rested, he taught me all about the vampire world and our abilities. I knew how to fly perfectly and when and when not to attack. The most important thing he taught me was our psychic bond. Mate’s have this bond where they can talk to each other in their minds no matter where they are. He told me it would be very helpful in the future. Some vampires can have an special ability like David has with mind reading and illusions. It’s difficult trying to acquire these abilities and some vampires have a natural gift for it. But I try not to think about that, I’ve got more important things to do then work on a special power. Training took exactly 6 weeks and four nights, he wanted me to be fully prepared for the unexpected. The last thing he taught me was how to be a leader. David wanted me to start turning some locals so we could be a stronger coven and find out what our enemies were up to. He told me I would have to look for my siblings alone and he wasn’t allowed to have his input on them. I don’t understand why he’s not allowed putting in his 2 cents but I didn’t ask. A part of me felt like I didn’t need to.


So I began to wander the streets, thinking of David the entire time. I knew I wasn’t supposed to think of him but I couldn’t help it. Everything I did made me think of him. Walking down these streets especially, it felt wrong walking by myself. As if a part of me was dying. Looking at the locals made me sick, knowing that one of them had to be my childe. Some of the locals I recognized before I was a vampire, they didn’t sicken me as much. But the new ones were pissing me off. They acted as if they owned Santa Carla; at least the regulars knew their place. But maybe it was only because they thought The Lost Boys were still alive. They feared walking on the boardwalk at night and now they think they have nothing to fear, and for now they don’t.

Looking back on it, maybe David knew she would be my first childe. I was always close to her and if it wasn’t for her, maybe I wouldn’t have taken a liking to The Lost Boys. When I was reunited with her again she was happy. Didn’t realize the danger she was now in. Maria….always afraid of the night and yet with me she felt safe. She asked me where I’ve been and I told her my family kicked me out. She didn’t need to know the truth yet. We were talking as I lured her to the beach. No one was around but she didn’t notice. I attacked her neck and made her drink from my wrist.

She hated me at first but eventually gave in. She had no reason not to. Maria had no boyfriend, no family, and no friends. And now she could have anything she wanted.  Maria loved me but she hated David. A part of her was still afraid of him. I told her she had nothing to worry about, but didn’t listen. Her being afraid of David led me to finding another childe. If she had another sister, then maybe she would relax more around David. He objected to this, saying how Maria just has to get use to him, plus getting another childe right after turning Maria is not a wise move. But I was desperate to make her feel welcomed.

My second childe may become one of the greatest vampires ever. If I were human, I wouldn’t even talk to her and probably hate her. A poor little rich girl named Chloe. Curly blonde with light brown eyes in an expensive red dress. David was with me when she got my attention. She was looking at shoes in a store while he read her thoughts. The poor little rich girl was a sociopath who killed her fiancé for 2 million dollars. It was an arranged marriage by her father and the fiancé was actually her first cousin. A twisted little rich girl with a past, how could any vampire refuse her?

 My plan to make Maria like David more completely backfire on me. When she found out Chloe was a murderer before her vampire life, she became even more distant from us. But Chloe didn’t seem to care; in fact I was rather surprised she accepted this life so quickly. She took an immediate liking to David, a father and daughter relationship. It was sweet but worried me more about Maria. I didn’t want her to end up like Star so I was running out of options.

So two days after I turned Chloe I was considering finding one more person that may relate to Maria, but luckily she found me. Victoria, a sixteen year old runaway from her Catholic boarding school. Extremely religious and was crying like crazy when I found her. She was praying to god, poor little thing. She didn’t realize god wasn’t in this church but the Devil himself. David said it was difficult trying to read her mind, all he could get was she was on welfare and was in the boarding by scholarship. She was wearing a school uniform and has brown wavy hair with green eyes. Something told me that Maria would like a schoolgirl, plus playing a cruel joke on our religious angel is just too hilarious to pass up. This plan actually did work to welcome Maria into our family. She became a big sister to Victoria and still didn’t warm up to David but she could handle being in the same room with him. Victoria, was somewhat depress and innocent. And yet felt like she was the hand of god, killing the ones who were wicked. Cute little thing, didn’t realize she was the wicked one being the hand of the Devil.

Would God fear us? Would the Devil love us? Only time will tell and we all have lots of time. That’s our advantage over the Frog brothers and the Emerson’s. What do they have? It must be something if they could kill four vampires. I chuckled slightly to myself thinking about my old friends and family. 21 years of hiding and planning. David was a good leader, but I will not make the same mistakes he did. I will take my time killing each of them off and I will start with the weakest and then behead the strongest. It’s time to reclaim our Murder Capital of the World and pay Mommy dearest a visit.  

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