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New Beginnings by DavidsGirl1243

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Dear Journal,
Thanks Sammy, for this journal. Write everything down he said and I am. What to write though......
Well im eighteen now, duh, it was my birthday today.
Dad took us on a hunting trip, so for my birthday, Dad let me take the lead. The hunt was to find the spirit of a woman that was haunting the roads of Chicago. We found her, salted the bones and light the bones. Easy as pie. Dad also got me a butter-fly knife and a 22. SWEET!! Dean got me a riffle and a machitti. And Sammy, he got my this journal and five hundred in cash. Great birthday.
I got a tatto of a pentagram on me. Dad suggested so no demons got into me.
The only thing missing was Mom. Dad tells me I remind him of her, as I have her golden brown curls and beautiful hazel eyes. We are still on the case and have found Jack nothing.
Dad still hassels us to protect Sammy, for he is 'special'. Dean respects Dad but Sam and I rebel.
I have always wanted to go to Santa Carla though. Sounds preety rad! And the Board Walk sounds daro! I also heard that alot of vampires roam there, will have to check it out!
In the meantime I must go, Dad wants us to study Samuel Coalt and spirits. Isn't it spring break??
Chapter End Notes:
it will get better i promise!!
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