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Davids Hobby by DavidsGirl1243

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David lay there watching Hayley sleep, he loved it. David loved observing her and wondering what goes on in her head.
David put her in his arms and held her, protected her. He loved everything about her. He loved her smile, her caring soul, her scent, her eyes and most of all her heart.
He finally met her, the one, the one that made him seem like he still had life. She was his and he was hers.
They were both immortal, both happy.
“David, what have I told you about watching me sleep? I know it is a strange hobby of yours but it is creepy” Hayley woke from her sleep smiling and laughing, she then kissed him.
“Hayley it is like eating honey, its sweet!” They then kissed, but for longer this time.
“Wanna go to the Motley Crue concert you having been shaking me to see?” David asked laughing
“Of course let’s go!”
One of David’s favorite hobbies, watching Hayley sleep.
Chapter End Notes:
I just thought this is cute
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