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Melody Mini Series IV: The End Is Here by Star Girl

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Part Two ~ Lost Boys

     Annabel stared straight ahead, keeping her eyes on the road, as she zoomed down the darkened streets. Her parents didn’t know she was leaving; she hadn’t even been back to her house. She didn’t want to waste time; it pained her to leave Marko alone in the condition he was in.

     Anything could happen. She forced herself not to think about it. She was dimly aware that she was driving recklessly, and that if a cop saw her, he could give her a ticket-or worse. But the one she loved was in danger. She didn’t know if whatever was wrong was…fatal, and she didn’t want to find out.

     She really couldn’t believe this was happening; she had always envisioned vampires being strong and…immune to stuff like sickness and other things that could kill humans. But maybe, maybe, whatever was wrong with Marko was the effect of another magical being, but what?

     It was just too complicated to think about. She could only hope that the Pack would know how to help-if they would help. They would. They have to!

     Annabel only stopped once during her trip, then she was back on the road. It was around one thirty in the morning when she reached Santa Carla. She was full of fear and anticipation. She went directly to the Boardwalk, leaving her motorbike near the entrance. Taking a deep breath, she headed for the Boys’ usual hangout.

     It didn’t take her long to find them, though she was hesitant about approaching them because of what happened the last time she was in Santa Carla. As she watched David for a moment, thoughts of what was happening to Marko flooded back into her mind.

     Maybe David felt her eyes upon him, because he looked up as Annabel started to walk towards him and the others.

     “David,” Annabel said, her voice wavering, “I-I need your help.”

     David looked at her suspiciously for a moment. “Where’s Marko?” he asked.

     “He’s-it’s-that’s-” Annabel stammered.

     “Spit it out, girl,” Paul said.

     Annabel glared at him, “I’m tryin!” she snapped. She took a deep breath, “I don’t know how to word this…” she paused, then just blurted everything, stumbling over the words, “Something’s wrong with Marko. I-I don’t know what, or what to do. So I figured you guys would know something, I mean, you’re v-vampires, you know more about this sorta stuff then I do,” she was breathless when she finished.

     There was a moment of silence.

     Annabel looked hopefully at each of the three Lost Boys. They had to help her. “Please, come back with me to Winter Vale,” Annabel said. Begging? She was begging now? “I’m-I’m really worried about Marko.”

     Another moment of silence.

     Five minutes later, Annabel could hardly believe that she was leaving the Boardwalk with the three Lost Boys. She was still nervous around them, a little jumpy. She had the feeling that they were only helping because of Marko.

     The four of them set out for Winter Vale. The Boys drove as fast as Annabel had earlier, but she guessed that this was normal speed for them. Her heart was pounding and the wind took her breath away. The roads were dark and she was riding with The Lost Boys.

     But none of that seemed to matter now.

     The only thing that Annabel cared about right now was that she had help. For Marko. ‘Help’ being David, the same person who had tried to kill her not more then two weeks ago.

     But none of that seemed to matter now.

     She was going home. And Marko would be alright. She hoped. Suddenly, pain lanced through her skull. Another headache. Not Now! The pain brought tears to eyes and she swerved to the side, almost running into Paul. Everything seemed to fade away. The only thing Annabel could feel was the pain. The only thing she could hear was her own heart pounding.

     She could almost see the pain. Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the pain faded away, but the world around her had yet to come back. Her mind felt free, like a caged animal that had been released, and she could feel everything. Annabel could feel through the bike beneath her. Her mind probed at its unfamiliar form, and the bike wobbled.

     That single action brought the real world back into focus. Annabel gasped; she had moved her bike, with her mind! It should have been impossible; there was no logical way to explain what had happened. She should been freaked out by this. But she wasn’t. It just felt… right, like this was supposed to happen. Annabel shook her head, trying to clear her mind as she once more focused on the road ahead of her. She would have to figure all this out later.

     At last, they reached Winter Vale. Everything was familiar now, she was home. She was back. With help. Annabel led The Boys to the old house, to Marko. No one said a word as the four of them entered the house. She shuddered; she felt chilled the moment she walked through the door. And the sense of dread was back. And there was something else…death. She realized it now; the sense of death.

     Despite the three vampires, Annabel felt alone. Completely and utterly alone. Oh, god, oh god, Marko. She quickened her pace, rounding the last corner to the living room before the Boys, and saw Marko. Exactly like when she had left. Which meant he hadn’t woken up. And she feared he never would.

     Annabel told the Boys what had happened since she had come to see Marko earlier that night. She took to pacing the length of the room as she watched the Boys. She could tell; they didn’t know what was wrong either. Her thoughts were growing fuzzy, she couldn’t think straight. It was stress. She didn’t handle stress very well. She had to get out of this house for a little while; something about it was affecting her.

     She told the Boys she was going for a walk, to clear her mind, and left the house. Annabel walked slowly. There had to be some way to help Marko! But if they didn’t know what was wrong… The further away she got from the house, the clearer her mind felt, and she could once more ‘feel’ her surroundings.

     That proved it; there was something about that house! But what was happening to her? So many things she didn’t understand. Annabel paused. She looked up at the slowly lightening sky. It was almost dawn and she hadn’t seen a single person since she left the house. She frowned, it was odd.

     “Annabel,” a sweet voice called.

     Annabel jumped and looked around. “What? Who-who’s there?” she asked nervously. She turned around. A girl, who appeared to be about twenty, stood behind her. The girl had long, silvery-white hair and wore a black dress with wide sleeves. “How do you know my name? Who are you?” Annabel demanded.

     “Don’t be afraid, Annabel, I am called Celestina,” the girl said in that same eerie-sweet voice.

     “Alright, Celestina, what do you want?” Annabel asked. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that the girl’s eyes were pure black, no whites visible.

     “I can help you, but first, there is something I must tell you,” Celestina said.

     “What?” Annabel said with a frown; who was this girl?

     The sky had turned a shade of pale pink.

     “I know who killed him,” Celestina said simply, knowingly.

     Annabel’s eyes widened as she realized whet Celestina meant. “You know? Who killed…?” she whispered.

     Celestina nodded, “I can tell you which vampire murdered your boyfriend,” she said.

     “How do you know?” Annabel said, suddenly a bit suspicious.

     “The same way I know what is happening to you; I am a Witch, we know many things,” Celestina said.

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