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Melody Mini Series IV: The End Is Here by Star Girl

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Part One ~ Perfect

     Annabel sighed happily. It was exactly a week and a half since she had returned from Santa Carla. The full moon bathed everything in its silvery light, causing everything to glow dimly. It made everything look like a winter wonderland-in California in the middle of summer. Annabel took a deep breath, breathing in the cool night air. She grinned and cast a sideways glance over at Marko, who was walking along next to her.

     It had taken almost the full week and a half after her return to completely-or so she thought-get over the loss of Josh, her previous boyfriend who had been killed by vampires in Santa Carla. But whenever she got sad, she had Marko to cheer her up. Annabel had fallen for the vampire just after Josh had gone missing. In too many painful ways, Marko reminded her of Josh.

     Speaking of which, she still hadn’t told her parents about Marko; she didn’t think they would understand how she could fall in love so soon after her boyfriend had been murdered. But none-the-less, Annabel was happy she was out of Santa Carla; she had no good memories of the Pack. In fact, on her second to last night in Santa Carla, David had tried to kill her!

     But that was in the past now, and it should stay that way. A cool breeze whispered through the trees and the crickets began to sing. Annabel tilted her head to the side as she looked up at the stars, which were glimmering like diamonds.

     Everything was perfect.

     The dark haired girl sighed softly; it was so nice to be back in her hometown, with friends and family. She didn’t think she ever wanted to go back to Santa Carla. ‘The Murder Capital of the World’. Now she knew why it was called that; it was because of a gang of biker vampires who called themselves ‘The Lost Boys’.

     But that was all in the past; she hoped that one day she could forget all about The Lost Boys… well, not all of them, because that would mean forgetting Marko, and she couldn’t do that; she would never forget her Lost Boy.

     Everything was perfect.

     “What are you thinking about?” Marko asked.

     “Huh? Oh, just the past,” Annabel replied with a small smile, entwining her fingers in his.

     For a few minutes, they just walked in silence. She looked over at him, but he was deep in thought. She watched him for a moment. Annabel’s heart skipped a beat; they didn’t keep secrets from each other…did they?

     “What are you thinking about?” she asked softly.

     “The past,” Marko replied.

     “Want to be a bit more specific?” Annabel prodded gently.

     “…Memories of the Pack.” Marko said slowly.

     “Oh,” Annabel said, deciding not to ask anymore.

     Everything was perfect……Wasn’t it?

     Annabel was reluctant to go home; it would mean she wouldn’t be able to see Marko until the next night. Though they finally reached her house, and parted with a kiss. Annabel quietly slipped through her front door and crept up to her room. Luck was with her, for her parents were asleep.

     She changed and got into bed. For the longest time, everything was quiet as she stared up at her ceiling, her thoughts only of Marko, until…

     The pain took her breath away. She gasped, and even that was painful. The pain in her head throbbed in time with her pulse and she whimpered. This was no ordinary headache. The pain brought tears to her eyes as it cut through her skull. As the room faded out, Annabel fearfully wondered if she was dieing.

     Slowly, she became aware that she was awake; she could hear birds chirping. Annabel groaned as she slowly moved her head; she could feel the dim pain in her skull, a small reminder of what had happened last night.

     With one hand, she shielded her face from the sun as she cautiously opened her eyes. It seemed that even the backs of her eyeballs were sore. Now that her eyes were open, she could see that her hand was trembling.

     Strangely, even though her head was sore, her mind had never felt clearer. She looked around and frowned; she seemed to feel the items on her dresser as much as see them. She rolled over to look at her digital clock, and was surprised to see that it read two o’clock.

     She blinked, pushing her sheets away, and sat up. The room seemed to wobble, and she was glad that she was sitting down. When she was no longer dizzy, she got up and took a long, hot shower, hoping to relax her tense muscles.

     Annabel went downstairs and was greeted by silence. Of course; her parents were at work. She didn’t feel hungry, so she just curled up on the couch and gazed out the window. She really wanted to go see Marko, but she knew it would be pointless, it was day; vampires slept like the dead. Possibly because they are. Dead, that is.

     After a few minutes, she found herself drifting to sleep. She woke up again as her mother came home.

     “Are you alright?” her mother asked when she saw Annabel curled up on the couch, half asleep.

     Annabel nodded, “Yeah Mom, I’m just a little tired.”

     Still looking a little concerned, her mother set to work making dinner. About a half hour later, Annabel’s father came home.

     Annabel sat down to dinner a little later, her mind still surprisingly clear. When she reached for the salt, it shot into her hand before she even touched it. Her eyes widened, and she looked up, but her parents didn’t seem to notice.

     As soon as she had finished eating, she headed out. She hopped onto her motorbike and took of down the street, her mind racing. She HAD to talk to Marko, something freaky was going on.

     Eventually, she reached the old house that was now Marko’s. No one ever went there anymore; in the past, some one had been murdered in the house and there were rumors that it was haunted. Annabel went up to the front door and slipped inside. “Marko?” she called.

     A little voice inside her told her that something wasn’t right. A chill swept over her and she shivered. She gazed around, letting her eyes adjust to the dim light. Annabel walked forward, cautiously looking around her. Something was wrong; where was he?

     She peered into the living room and froze. “Marko?” she repeated. He was there, standing just beside the old, battered couch. There wasn’t even a hint of a smile on his face. From where she stood, Annabel could see how pale he was, too pale…even for a vampire.

     Her heart skipped a beat; something was wrong. Her eyes locked onto Marko’s, and a split second later, he collapsed onto the couch. Eyes wide, Annabel raced forward, moving faster then she thought humanly possible. “Marko!” she cried.

     She fell to one knee at his side. “Marko,” she whispered, “What’s wrong?” She could see it in his eyes, that he didn’t know either.

     “Bell…” Marko started, but his voice faded out.

     Annabel sat in the old chair opposite the couch. She had tried to wake Marko several times, but it was no use. Maybe it was best that way. She was trying hard to fight back her tears. She was worried about him. She didn’t know what was wrong, or how to help him.

     How could this happen? He had been just fine the night before. Could it be that he was…ill? But she had always believed that vampires couldn’t get ill. Whatever was wrong, she had to do something. But she was having trouble thinking, her mind was all fuzzy, not at all clear, as it had been earlier.

     She had to know some one who could help him… She did. “Great,” she muttered. She didn’t want to go back to Santa Carla, had wanted to forget… but she would do anything to help Marko. Anything.

     Annabel stood. She walked over to Marko and knelt before him. Fighting her tears, she brushed one hand across his face and kissed him, then she was gone, out the door.

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