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Dear Lost boys. by Kinderlee89

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Story Notes:
I don't own the lost boys....i just want to have there babies...jkjk
Author's Chapter Notes:
My second story formed after my first I think i like this one better...again i don't own the boys....
Dear Lost Boys.

She was watching the crowd like an animal looking for her new prey. The smells of the world around her seemed to be drawing all together as she felt her lips part as a pink tongue came out to re-wet her lips. This was almost too much for one to handle. The need to hunt formed in the back of her mind as dark green eyes darted between one delicious human to another. A coy smile crossed her lips as she adjusted her hair that flowed around her face like dark black halo.

Lilith watched with keen eyes wondering who was going to be her next supper. Someone that would be devoured slowly with her wanton bloodlust. Savoring the flavor of the blood that would soon be trickling down her throat. Giggling at the thought of what it would be like, even though she’s done this for hundred of years the kill was never same. The feeling never replaceable. Watching the men and woman move around her ignoring the very tan girl, who hasn’t seen the sunlight in over two hundred years yet she was still as beautiful as the day she turned.

Her hair was the deepest of black as if it was her coat in the darkness. Her legs long and slender as she stood only 5’6 but what she lacked in size she made up in attitude. Picking at her nails she began to feel the hunger for blood take over her senses as she pushed away from the wall wondering closer to the crowds of people losing herself within it. feeling the buss of the man people and the pulse of humans hearts around her almost made her grab one human and just lunge herself up into the sky and call it that. But something kept her from luring someone into their death just yet.

“Mmm.” She cooed as she smelt the other vampires scents over the crowd. They had been here tonight, but she could tell that they didn’t make a kill just yet. Lilith sense also told her that these ‘other’ weren’t weak at all. One of them stood out more than most and she could smell him from where she stood. Standing before a large building she looked inside seeing all sorts of tv and video’s lining up the walls. Smiling to herself she wondered in to find this being that calmed to her senses to be the strongest. No, he was weak, very week that he hid behind the counter drawing his powers from the other vampires the roamed the streets all night.

The tall man stood behind the counter smiling to customers and his employees as if nothing was wrong with the world. Yet, there was something very wrong with this picture. A blast from the past as Lilith stood staring at this vampire, reading him like an open book. Something seemed to make him stop what he was doing looking away from some sort of paper to her as his eyes locked onto her green gems.

“Any good movies to recommend?” she asked the old vampire. The man stood there for only a moment as a smile creeped across his face.

“Yes, my dear.” The man smiled clearly knowing the girl before him wasn’t human. “Dirty dancing just came out.” He said setting the video down before her as she picked up the VHS wondering what the hell she was going to do with it. She didn’t have a home nor a VHS player. Playing along she smiled looking up at the man.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She said softly.

“You new in town?” the man asked adjusting his glasses to her. Clearly asking if she was here to stay or get the fuck out of his town.

“Just passing through.” She said, smiling at a cute boy who made he way past her.

“Best be careful there are lot of thugs around here.” He warned a hidden tone under his breath.

“Yummy, those ones are the best even when their drunk.” Lilith chuckled back at him. something flashed beneath his eyes as her smile only grew as she pushed herself away from the counter.

“My I ask your name, my dear?” he said following her down the counter space.

“Lilith.” She said. “And yours?” she asked as the man held out his hand.

“Max.” He said. Looking down at the hand she thought of weather taking it or not. She really didn’t want to have his thoughts and memories flowing through her brain for the night. With him being so old she knew that they would put her to sleep with boredom.

“Something wrong, Lilith?” he asked as she shook her head.

“No I just don’t like one’s dirty hands,” she smiled. “and from what I can smell you were beating off not to long ago.” At that Max let out a huff almost chocking on his own air. He looked around the room seeing that no one heard what she said but was clearly staring at him now.

“My, what a little mouth you have on yourself.” He said as he glanced around the room before sending her a little warning.

“Feed tonight, leave by sunrise.” He said in a very firm voice as if he was scolding a small child. Lilith only smiled once more before she turned away from him wondering down the boardwalk ignoring the death stare he was giving to the back of her head.


The need to feed was growing so much. Every second she passed someone it grew just a hair. Lilith could still smell Max around her yet now it was wiped out completely as she could feel the others near her. Pure male and deadly down to their forgotten souls. And someone she didn’t want to piss off.

Wondering closer to the edge of the Boardwalk she caught a whiff of someone that seemed to smell quite…how should she put this. Yummy.. yes they smelt like chocolate and caramel. Smiling at the man who sat eating some sort of treat, enjoying the taste it seemed almost to much. A low growl flowed past her lip as she started to wonder closer to the man. Taking her seat next to him the man looked up at her noticing her from the moment she walked across the small space between them.

“How’s your night going?” he asked as he set his treat down.

“Not as good as yours it seems.” She giggled back at the man.

A wave of power ran over her skin as she felt the goose bumps follow. They were close, and watching her.

“Damn that old man for squealing.” She thought. He must have warned the boys she was in town and were sent to chase her off.

“Where you from?” the guy asked as she smiled to him.

“The mountains, I’m native American.” She said the last part with a whispered. Almost hating to say what she lost long ago.

The man only smiled saying he remembered reading about them in highschool. Ignoring looking in his eyes fearing that she wouldn’t get to play human long her locked eyes with his suddenly lost within her grasp.

Good boy. She cooed to herself as she held out her hand as her puppet now lifted up his hand towards her. Taking it she watched him get up, he wasn’t bad looking. Well toned body and a cute babyface. Lilith felt the hunger almost take over then and there as she led him away from the crowded streets. Something seemed to twitch in the back of her mind as she could feel eyes watching her with intense stares. Looking over her shoulder she couldn’t place where the boys were but the power that flowed around her said they were keeping very closer tabs on her.

Once they reached the alleyway she let go of his hand as she turned leaning up against the wall smiling to the man who was like a damn toy in her hands. The man walked up closer to her as she traced her hand down his cheek and stomach feeling him getting turned on by that action. Smiling as she traced her hand back upwards towards the man neck her hand moved like a viper grasping onto his throat as he was knocked out of his trance.

“Silly little man, thank you for eating such a good treat tonight.” she switched positions with him slamming up against the wall. Her tongue came out licking the veins under his very thin skin of his neck. feeling the heart beat race like a hamster on a treadmill. Giggling to the image to a little guy running as fast as he could on this giant workout machine put Lilith into a way better mood. Opening her mouth she felt the fangs growing longer ready to take her victim here and now. Her face never changing staying as beautiful as it was all night. Only difference was her mouth now full of two pares of fangs ready to rip out the man throat.

The rush of blood that filled her mouth as she held the man by the back of his neck and holding him up to wall by her hand and knee shoved up between his legs keeping him from sloping down. As the metallic liquor flowed down her throat making all her senses peek over and over like a wave of orgasms making her body tingle in just all the right places. Once his heart stopped beating and the blood stopped flowing out on its own as she took two more deep intake of blood. Standing back she let the body fall limp to the ground as she smiled lifting up her hands to whip away the blood.

Looking down at the man she leaned down poking through the pockets finding a wallet taking the cash out.

“Why thank you Mr.” she glanced the driver license. “Doug Matthew I hope you enjoyed it as mush as I did.” She reached up taking his face in one of her hands squishing them together to make his lips move on their own.

“Why your welcome, Lilith.” She said in a deep voice acting like it was his. Giggling she stood up putting the cash in the low hanging purse. Lilith felt the power of the boys come and go slowly. They were flying moving towards the hills far away from the Boardwalk. She looked up to the sky not seeing them but knowing they were up there off to find something to feed on themselves sunrise well over six hours away but sometimes the need to blood could be too much. Without even thinking about it she flew up the side of the building watching the skies to the south where the boys were flying too. With acute vision she caught sight of a bonfire that was had many people dancing around.

Wondering how they fed she took flight into the sky herself keeping low and a good distance from he group of boys. She seemed to get there too late as the fire was now reaching the skies like a forthcoming hand. The smell of cooking flesh made her crinkle her nose at. Looking around she could tell the boys had long been gone. The sand was stained in the blood bath that happened not to long ago. She felt her tongue slowly lick her lips as she tired to imagine them devouring the humans with not remorse.

They were indeed a heartless bunch.

Taking off to the sky she followed her nose back to the boardwalk to where the buzzing of life seemed to make her a ticking time bomb for another meal.


David sat on his bike his stomach full of their latest kill. After watching that younger female devour that man in the back alley her pleasure in the kill was almost too much for the boys to handle as they decided to get there meal over with quickly before her power sucked them into kill extravaganza.
Taking a drag of his cig he watched as the boys were sitting on their own bikes talking to some girls who clearly had more intentions than just a friendly smile. Looking around he could still feel the other vampire around him. She was like a stray cat in this kennel of rabid wolves. Her walk was one thing that David couldn’t shake from his head. The way she moved across the crowd was like a jungle cat hunting for its prey. He had no doubt that she was indeed a cat with her curiosity when she followed them to where they fed. Not that he had a problem with that, she was defiantly no match for him or the rest of his Pack yet the power she had flowing off her that had made every other man look at her as she walked made some animal like thoughts come out inside him.

Watching the crowd the sudden breeze and smell of something almost too sweet flow across his noise. It smelt lovely yet deadly at the same time. Eye darting to the where the crowd parted and the new comer came walking through. Her body easing slowly across the Boardwalk, eyes of a darting back and forth slowly watching the crowd moving beside her. She was indeed a beauty, her body perfectly curved and her hair was lush falling in thick deep waved down her shoulder and back.
The sudden sound of girls screaming behind him made David wince in pain as he looked back over his shoulder seeing two girls getting into it over Dwayne who back away from the crazed women. There screaming and fighting over who was talking to him first. Dwayne held up he hands shaking his head in disgust as he turned to jump onto his bike. Paul who stood there laughing at the girls.

“Fucking tramps!” he called out as he jumped onto his bike as well.

“There getting crazier!” Marko said as Paul and Dwayne nodded their head in agreement.

“Hey David,” Paul called to him. David sneering in disgust at the girls who were still pulling hair and clawing at each other over stupid reason looked up at his brother.

“How about one more round before sunrise, bet I can beat Dwayne this time!” He said with a large smile.

“Like you can,” Dwayne said as Marko laughed at him.

“Hey, the fucking tree came out of no where.” Paul huffed.

“Oh and the bird nest that hit you also caused you to crash?” David said as three of them laughed at him. The crazy hair blonde only sent them a gesture with his middle finger.

“You get hit with a eggs at fifty miles and hour and tell me how that feels…Wow.” Pauls angry look soon faded as he stared off past David. The three other vampires turned around to see what was making the man drool like a dog. Looking over to see a very wide grinning girl looking down at them from above the staircase. All four of them felt something hit them as her Green almost glowing eyes looked at each of them.

The two blondes let up a hoot as David only stared at her his brows drawing together as he started to wonder why she was having such an impact on him. Starting his engine the boys behind him followed as she stood there the light flashing behind making her hair light up like a dark yet colorful halo around her. Her smile slowly faded until she flashed again as the engines came to life.

Lilith knew she would be able to find them again. If they didn’t attack her at the beach where they could have easily set a trap for her. She looked from each of them. The one what almost came in his pants when he saw her had crazy hair around him like a lion mane, his mouth was hanging open but his lips were full.

Almost good enough to kiss she though. Her eyes followed to the other blond who had short curly hair up top where it flowed to down the back of his jacket that was covered with every kind of patch you could think off. He had the baby face of the group and reminded her of her early kill as she licked her lips remembering how good it was. His eyes when wide when she did it staring deep into his. Her eyes fell onto the last blonde in the front as he watched, his had something stewing in his eyes. Not knowing how to take her coming this forwards to them. He was most likely thinking that she wouldn’t come to bug them after they killed and were humming with power. Oh were they full of power that made her legs go weak at the knees.

Finally she looked to the last of the pack not excepting to be looking deep into eyes she hasn’t seen in almost 200 years. Her breath caught in throat as the brunette looked at her with eye of curiosity. Dwayne, oh she couldn’t forget his face even if it was another thousand years. They sat on top of their bike watching as the beasts under them rumbled in furry of wanting to ride.

Lifting up her hand she sent them a solute kind of a wave as she turned on her heals walking away from the group of boys fading deep into the crowd once more. One of them was half tempted to chase after her for the look he gave him.


The boardwalk finally shut off as Lilith sat at the top of the roller coaster as darkness flowed in around her. She looked out over the moon lit sea watching the wave hit the sand with a peaceful manner. Her mind been all screwed up since she saw Him.

Its been over 200 years since she changed. Since she saw him. sighing she looked up to the stars above her as she remembered that night he saved her life. Dwayne wasn’t his real name was Ohanzee as hers was Istas. He had been a lost blackfoot and her father took him in as a son. He lived with them for a few months till it was four full moons before her tribe was attacked. As she thought about it she knew that their past long since behind them. The night she lost her past family seemed to be like a long lost memory that was a fading flame in her memory.

She had been lost in the woods after her tribe had been attacked by the pale faces. She had watched her father give his own life to save her mother and her. Later on that night her mother gave her life by throwing her self in front of Lilith when the cowboys tired shooting her. Lilith was the same age as her body is trapped in now. She remembered running up the hill in the dead of night as she tired to get to a safe hiding spot away from the crazy cowboy. The sound of the horse coming up quickly as she fell to the ground she rolled over watching the man in the moon light pulled his horse to a stop. Holding onto a knife she got to her feet backing away from the large horse and monster on top of it.

“Well if it isn’t the chef daughter, Istas,” the white man said as he pushed his horse closer to her. Istas could only notice that he was on the jumpy side. She hissed hateful words at him in her native tongue as the man shook his head at her.

“We let you in to our tribe as family, blood brother!” she yelled at him in English. He only let up a laugh.

“I don’t give a damn about become your family.” He said as he reloaded his gun. “All we wanted was your land you stupid Indian.” He held up his gun getting ready to fire when she threw her blade quickly as it flew past his hand slicing it open. That caused him to fire his gun as pain ripped through her shoulder. Crying out in pain she fell backwards word spinning.

“You damn tramp!” the man yelled as he shook his bleeding hand. Istas rolled around on he ground as she looked up to see the horse and evil man standing over her. He was now aiming the gun at her head.

“Die.” Before he could pull he trigger his horse let up a cry lunging backwards as the man tried to get a hold of the horse. He played the deadly dance with the animal as he forgot about Istas for a second. She took that chance to slowly start to pull herself away from the man fighting with the frightened horse. Looking back as she lost all energy to move she watched the horse do one final spin as something lanch itself at him. He let up a cry as hey fell off the horse who took that chance to run deep into the shadows.

Watching in shock and blood lose Istas saw the being who was feeding off of the man down as he let up cries in agony. After a half a second of flinging around on the ground the man fell limp as the other stood up over him. Head falling back as the moon light glowed off his bare chest dark liquid flowing down from his chin. He looked back down at the frightened Istas who watched the being walk closer to her.

Leaning down as a familiar face came into view.

“Ohanzee?” she asked lifting up her hand to the man’s face. He only smiled down at her as he picked her up the trees suddenly disappearing under her as the moon surrounded by stairs and his chest were the last thing she saw before darkness settled in.

Opening her eyes Lilith felt the pain of that night, the night she changed. Or half she should say. She woke up in the middle of no where during the afternoon mountains away from her home valley. Istas was a name long lost to her, it was her human self that faded way with time. She took on the name of Lilith which mean ‘Of night’ and Ohanzee took on the name of something else she was guessing. Lilith could feel the morning coming quickly as she sighing thinking of where she was going to spend the night now. She could cruse the coast line for a cave the would work or she could persuade a human to let her crash in their basement for the night. thinking of someone who just might have a place for her she searched within her from her latest feed as the memories of the man flowed in showing her he lived alone and had a very fine basement.

Taking off into the sky she watched as the world started to get lighter as she got closer to where the man lived. A small house that looked like it would due for a few nights until she got tired of this place.

Standing at the door she waved her hand over the lock as it opened. Opening the door she stepped inside and about sunk to the floor with laughter.

She knew some people had sick obsessions sometimes but this just made her think twice about who she killed for a place. The wall and floor were covered in nothing but hello kitty. Holding her hand over her mouth she fell back against the door laughing so hard as she heard the sudden sound of barking coming up in front of her. something that must have been a dog came pouncing around the corner.

“Oh god I killed a gay guy!” Lilith laughed as she scooped up the little rat on steroids and held him up to her face. He snapped at it as she just talked to it in baby talk.

“Well aren't you the cutest thing in the world!” she said as the dog lightened up giving her light kisses on the nose. “Oh I think we can be friends too.” she said as she set him on the ground walking around the house until she found a door that led to the basement. Smiling she turned down to the little fuzz ball smiling to him.

“Now keep the other rats away.” she cooed shutting the door and outer world to go into a deep sleep.
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