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Cry Little Sister by Sun

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: The Lost Boys and the characters involved therein belongs to Warner Brothers. No copywrite infringement intended. I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes. Lily King and anyone else you don't recognize belong to me. Title from the song of the same name. Yes, I used the dialogue from the movie in certain parts so obviously I didn't write those bits.

Note: This takes place during the events of the movie, slightly less than a year after "Between the Shadows".
Lily had been relegated to babysitting Star. David decided the boys needed some bonding time without the girls and Laddie so he sent them off to do whatever. So Lily was stuck following the gypsy girl around. They'd been in every cheap souvenir shop on the boardwalk and Lily was ready to kill something.

Finally, Star turned toward the stage and the concert happening there. Lily followed Star through the people to a spot on one of the upper steps. She was skipping too. Star was actually skipping through the people. Lily shook her head and mentally promised to make David pay for having to baby-sit this twit.

Laddie was as bored as Lily was. She looked down when he took her hand and smiled at her. She wrapped an arm around the boy. Lily liked him, thought of him as the little brother she never had. He was always happy. Even when the Boys were in the worst of moods, Laddie was cheerful.

Lily felt eyes upon them and turned. She saw a teenager, a boy with dark hair watching Star intently. Cursing under her breath, she hoped Star wouldn't notice him but it was too late. She was already meeting his gaze with sort of a half smile. After a few minutes, Lily tapped Star on the shoulder.

"Let's get out of here. He's giving me the creeps." Star looked like she was going to protest but didn't. She knew Lily ranked her and the Boys would go with whatever Lily said. Star reached out for Laddie's hand and pushed her way into the crowd, leaving Lily to follow.

Unfortunately, the boy followed them, a younger boy following him. Eventually, the younger boy turned into the Frogs' comic book store, leaving the teen to pursue them alone. Finally, Lily saw the Boys ahead of them, waiting on their bikes. Star went straight for David and mounted behind him. Lily walked past him to Marko. David let his hand trail across her arm as she walked past. She turned and gave him a smile before climbing on the back of Marko's bike. Laddie climbed on behind Dwayne.

Lily looked back and saw the two boys watching them. Star was the next to notice and soon all the Boys were staring at him. David gave him a wicked smile and they headed away from the boardwalk.

"That's trouble waiting to happen." Lily murmured to Marko as they rode toward the cave.

He nodded, turning his head to speak. "Maybe he'll give up. He saw us."

"I hope so." Lily tucked her head against Marko's back.


David pulled Lily aside as she climbed down the stairs to the cave. They were standing on one of the large flat boulders just outside the cave entrance. He wrapped an arm around her waist and cupped her face with his gloved hand. "Who was that Lily?"

"I don't know. He was at the concert." She brushed her fingers against the stubble on his cheek. "If you're so concerned, go ask Star. She's the one he was staring at."

He thought on this for a few moments, his thumb absently rubbing her cheek. "I've been neglecting you, princess."

She smiled. "Maybe. What are you going to do about it?"

"Can I see you tonight?" He leaned close so his breath skimmed over her neck. She shivered and leaned forward.

Her mouth just barely touched his throat. "Yes."

David straightened up, grinning. "Good."


Lily loved summer. The boardwalk was so alive in the summer, full of people and the smell of cotton candy and hot dogs. She was wandering, for once no destination in mind. Marko walked along side her, holding her hand so they wouldn't get separated in the crowd.

Lily saw Star ahead of them and cursed. She tugged on Marko's hand, pulling him to a stop. He turned and looked back at her curiously.

"What's up Lil?" His voice was soft but her enhanced hearing picked it up.

She waved her hand in the direction of Star and the shaggy haired teenager following her like a lost puppy. "He's following Star again."

Marko looked, frowning. He liked Star but she was going to be trouble for the pack; he could feel it. "Come on."

They pushed their way through the crowds to David and the others. David brushed his fingers over her porcelain skin as she mounted Marko's bike behind him.

"See Star tonight David?" Lily asked.

His head whipped around and found Star heading towards the stranger's bike. With a wave, they rode down the boardwalk, surrounding the teen and Star

"Where you goin' Star?" He asked.

"For a ride. This is Michael." She sounded like she was going to start pouting.

The teen didn't understand what was going on and pulled on Star's hand, trying to get her to get on his bike. "Let's go."

"He's obviously new in town." Lily said softly. Dwayne, Paul and Marko chuckled. David ignored her comment.

"Star." David called to her. She turned back around. The two stared at each other for a moment, a silent battle of wills. Michael's gaze darted between the two, not knowing what was happening. With a quick glance back at Michael, Star mounted up behind David.

"Shit." Lily whispered. "Leave it alone David."

He ignored her and issued his challenge. "Know where Hudson's Bluff is overlooking the point?"

"I can't beat your bike." Michael pointed out needlessly. Paul and Dwayne laughed.

"You don't have to beat me Michael. You just have to try and keep up." David revved his bike and took off, the other Boys following him. After a moment, Michael did too.

They headed down the boardwalk and turned off, down a set of stairs onto the beach, sending partygoers scrambling out of their way. The Boys howled and shrieked and Lily laughed as they plunged into the pilings of the pier, dodging the wooden posts. Eventually, they spilled out into the forest, riding along a well-worn path through the trees. Lily glanced behind them once and saw Michael trailing along behind them, valiantly trying to keep up.

The bikes spilled out onto the bluff. Marko, Dwayne and Paul fell back, wary of the cliff edge but David and Michael pressed on. Something caused Michael to wipe out and he crashed to the ground, the front tire of his bike off the edge of the cliff. David pulled to a stop at the cliff's edge as well, looking down into the ocean below, Star laughing excitedly. The other Boys rode up behind them and parked.

Without warning, Michael flew at David, hitting him in the jaw. "Just you man." The Boys grabbed Michael pulling him away. Lily and Marko exchanged glances. Did this boy really think he could fight David?

David just smiled. "How far you willing to go Michael?"

Lily rolled her eyes. "Oh, god damn it." She said to herself. David couldn't just leave well enough alone.

The Boys entered the cave with more exuberance than usual. The thought of a new plaything, or new prey, excited them. Dwayne led the way, lighting oil barrels as he went. Lily felt herself catching the Boys' enthusiasm and laughed. She jumped on Paul's back and he carried her piggyback down to the cave floor. Only David was his usual sedate self. Star finally looked scared for Michael, who was gazing around at the cave.

When Paul put her down, Lily pirouetted around. Laddie grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the back of the cave. Laughing, she danced with the boy, spinning them both around until they were dizzy.

David was giving his usual speech about the cave. It was the same one he'd given to Star when she'd arrived too. Lily looked at Dwayne and made a face. The dark vampire laughed.

"So check it out Mikey." Paul said mockingly. All the vampires laughed and Star glared at them. She watched Michael with concern.

Lily walked over to her. "A little late to be worried about him." She said quietly.

Star turned and glared at her. "David's going to hurt him."

Lily laughed which caused some of the Boys to look in their direction. "You should have thought of that before you decided to go riding with him. You think David would let something like that go?"

"This is to punish me?"

Lily closed her eyes and silently counted to ten. "You're an idiot, Star. Either you want to be part of the Lost Boys or you don't. But this isn't something you can play at."

"I'm not playing." Star straightened up, ready to fight. "I want to be here."

"Uh oh, catfight." Lily heard Paul remark. She threw a scathing glance in his direction and he winked at her.

She turned back to Star. "Then start acting like it." Lily spit out and went to find a place to sit. Paul pulled her down into his lap and whispered something obscene in her ear. She laughed and playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Slut."

"Hey, you wouldn't have me any other way." He smiled. She moved over so she was perched on the arm of a chair.

"Feeding time, come and get it boys." Marko called out as he returned with a box full of takeout cartons. He distributed the cartons to the Boys; tossing Lily a carton of lo mien before settling down in the chair Lily was perched on.

She watched David play with Michael's mind. They were the same games he'd tried to play with her when she'd first arrived in Santa Carla. She laughed when Michael spit out the rice, thinking it was maggots. "I don't like him Marko." Lily whispered in Marko's ear.

He pulled her off the arm of the chair onto his lap. "Give him a chance, princess. He seems okay."

She shook her head. "I still don't like him."

Laddie came over and piled onto the chair with them. "Something wrong Lily?"

"No little one. I'm just tired." Lily smiled at the vampire child. He cuddled next to them and watched the scene before him with wide eyes.

"That's enough." Star protested after David made Michael think he was eating worms. The Boys protested but she ignored them. David looked back at Star blankly before waving Marko over. Lily let him up and took his place in the chair with Laddie.

Marko brought David an elaborate wine bottle. Michael watched with curiosity as he uncorked it and drank, the cave suddenly very quiet. Lily cursed silently when David offered the bottle to Michael.

"Drink some of this Michael. Be one of us."

The Boys started chanting Michael's name. Star warned him not too but Michael waved her off and took a swallow of the blood. Star called Laddie over and went to hide in the curtains of the four-poster bed. Lily just watched the celebration from her spot in the chair. Paul tried to pull her into a dance but she wasn't in a celebratory mood and waved him off.
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